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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From Switzerland

1382 Entries Found: Page 29  of  52
My good Friend "Saturnin" - beautiful Pike Fish - almost 1m big - very friendly and curious in a small lake not far from home. C'est que du bonheur... :O)...
face à face with a beautiful pumkinseed sunfish big grin
Lymnaea, pond snail, yesterday's dive
Great look of a small Pike Fish - yesterdays dive... Que du bonheur... :O)...
Brochet dans nos petits lacs
Lavertezzo - Verzasca - buddy Pili big grin
Brochet dans nos petit lac
We call him "The Cow of the Pound"... Great moment shared with this huge Pike Fish during my yesterday end of the day dive... Que du bonheur...
Craspedacusta sowerbyi a freshwater tiny jellyfish of about 2-3cm diameter, thanks to Michel for the nice surprise!
Perches on the hunt.... Great dive in a beautiful pound not so far from home... Que du bonheur... :O)...
A tench out of the blue..
A curious guy
The Eye of Caroline observing a small Fresh Water Jelly Fish... C'est que du bonheur... :O)...
Mister pumpkinseed blowing over it's eggs
Little FreshWater Jelly Fish... The Weather conditions this summer made it possible in some of our lakes... UnderWater Life is just amazing.... Que du bonheur... :O)... Hey Sven - that was a great dive... Thanks.
King pike in hunting mood big grin
... beautifull Verzasca big grin
Little Pike Fish on the Hunt... in the cristal clear water of a small lake not far from home... Que du bonheur... :O)...
Diving in the cristal clear waters of Verzasca River big grin
Coming out of my dive... Little green frog wondering what I was doing there... :O)... Que du bonheur... :O)...
At Last.... it's been a long time I have being hoping to make such a picture... Like I always say : C'est que du bonheur... :O)... Little Pike fish eating a Pearl Roach.
Relaxing atmosphere...
funny pearch - one strobe, on manual full power, f22 @ 1/80 - big grin
Verzasca - Lavertzezzo big grin
big grin
A very very curious Perche - intrigued by the reflexion of my Dom. Que du bonheur... :O)...
1382 Entries Found: Page 29  of  52

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