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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From Switzerland

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Close up at Lac de la Brèche - Valais
Having fun under the ice.... :O)
My wife flashed under the "Devil Brigde" in the Verzasca River in Tessin Switzerland :O)
Runner Up - worthy of note but not a medal winner - an equal 4th place if you like! Runner Up 2008

Final RoundThrough to 2008 awards final round judging
Ice diving : by luck at the entrance of the hole in the ice, this trout came - I just had time to shout this Half/Half picture... :O). Pity it was cloudy :O(
Face to face with this beautiful Pearch..... -----> ;o)
The Eye of the Baby Pike Fish... :O)
Don't worry - be happy---- :O) Keep on smiling, life is beautiful.... Dive now - work later...
Before becoming a frog :O)
This beautiful encounter with this green frog... :O) staying still on the ground at around 5 meters....
My friend Bernard getting ready for his daily technical dive... :O)
A very young pike fish not far from the surface of the lake.... and sun shine coming in... :O)
This picture shows the beauty and the quality of the water in our fresh water rivers.... :O)
Diving under the "Devil Bridge" of the Verzasca River in Switzerland.
Shot made on the other side of the lake, where the mountains are higher on the back ground.
Final RoundThrough to 2008 awards final round judging

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
The best above water subject I've seen on an Over/Under for a long time - even if the lake is a bit boring below!
At last the sun is back. Now I can start my new project "Montain Lacs"... I started today - this is a small lake at 2'500m. The walk to get there is quiet difficult with all the material, but it is worth it... :O)
A group of Pearl roach in front of the Golf Club House of Sierre in Valais Switzerland.
This is a dive we do in a very small lake near Zermatt in Valais - Switzerland, with my wife. Once a year - we dive in this lake to pick up all the golf balls - because this lake is on the 3rd hole of the Zermatt Golf Club.
Face to face with this beautiful Pike Fish - during a night Dive in a small lake in Switzerland - with my Nikon D2x and the Seacam Housing... Like we say in French : "Que du Bonheur" :O)...
A lake in the mountains of Switzerland
Beautiful dives in the great waters of the Verzasca River.
Final RoundThrough to 2008 awards final round judging

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
Let's have more freshwater, more wide angle, especially like this one from Michel
An other Face to Face with this beautiful "Grub" - You can find lots of beautiful things in lakes... but you have to look for them... :O)
I like looking for them when I dive in lakes - it is the "grub" (not sure of the word) before it becomes an insect out of the water. It's about 2cm big...
A Lucky shot made in a Swiss Lake of this 3 very curious Perch.
ICE - DIVING! This Photo shows crazy people during a dive under the ice in the mountains of Switzerland. The Freshwater was 2°C. I didn't use a strobo, only natural light!
A picture done in March - under the ice... And notice that the diver has the same legs than the frog :O)---
I'll be back in 3 weeks - I'm off to the Maldives... Bye...
Runner Up Monthly HotShots shortlistedShortlisted!

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
Hey, it's Kermit!
Another pike shot... this one is most probably a female - mesuring not far than 1 metre... :O)
1382 Entries Found: Page 51  of  52

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