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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From Malaysia

2969 Entries Found: Page 101  of  110
The last of the lucky clown fish series!!!
Squid: Nikon D100 , 60 macro , two manual strobo. Take in Lankayan
Get out of my way with your camera! Don’t you see I have a role to play in a Chinese opera?

The new generation of Bullock’s Hypselodoris is on is way!!! C5050
Last picture of today’s dive and I got lucky! Olympus C5050
Devil scorpionfish sitting on the sand bottom near a wreck at Perhentian Island.
Tha nudy:Nikon D100 , 105 macro , two strobo. Take in Lankayan Island
Thorny Sea Horse eye close-up.
Another common Perhentian sighting is the Clarks anemone fish.
This Blue Ringed angel fish was ready to feed on the sponge; so it was not troubled by my presence.
I like the way these crabs camouflage themselves on the sea urchin and under a bunch of shells and other stuff. You really have to peal off all the stuff on the urchin to find these little crabs.
Ever tried to take a picture through curtains; I faced the same kind of problem with this shot, the camera didn’t know where to focus.
Seahorses are hard to find here, there's only one site and it's 24m deep, flat sandy bottom with bits of seagrass in which they hide themselves very well.
If you are a food source camouflage is a must under water; this Cardinal shrimp understands it very well.
Black Sailfin Goby with red and white
blind commensal shrimp. D70,60mm. Kapalai,Sabah
This cleaner shrimp wanted to give my camera lens a cleaning; I had to back off a little in order to take the shot.
Monster from space.
Bluering Octopus.D70,60mm. Taken at Kapalai
Bullock’s Hypselodoris up very close.
one of my favorites underwater : nudis!
this shot was taken aroun Mabul
Taken @ Pulau Redang Southern Tip
There's room for more...
These Bridled clown fish can bite, just look at those teeth.
This is my home. Go away!
Juvenile clown fish on a white anemone photographed with Olympus C5050.
Taken at Mantabuan Island, East Malaysia
2969 Entries Found: Page 101  of  110

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