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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From The South China Sea

3984 Entries Found: Page 146  of  148
This shrimp wanted to clean my camera and just kept coming too close to be able to focus. Usually I have the opposite problem smile
Dolphines, for a long time this 2 dolphines were swimming infront of our diving boat
I did not know glasseye's were so red until I took the picture.
Tiny brittle star in a strong current, holding on to a feather coral with all its arms.
This Frog fish was only about 7 cm big and so well camouflaged I only saw it because it moved while I was taking a picture of a shrimp right next to it.
Underwater Brain! Taken with Canon PowerShot S80. by Ed Eng
by: Ed Eng
Underwater Brain! Taken with Canon PowerShot S80.
Closeup of a juvenile giant clam
Subic Bay, Ocean Adventure
Closeup of a coral killer,it does not look so bad from this angle.
Safety stop.
This shrimp was not a easy shot with my Olympus 7070 fitted whith all the lenses I had with me at the time (2 Inon + 1 Epoque) and full zoom.
It must be a girl it is all pink and very shy
Undecorated Christmas Trees! Taken with Canon PowerShot S80. by Ed Eng
by: Ed Eng
Undecorated Christmas Trees! Taken with Canon PowerShot S80.
Not all Clown Fish are as innocent as Nemo, this one looks as though I surprised it with its fins in the cookie jar.
this way
This fireworm was moving really fast across the sand. I had to move fast to catch his face.
night squid
Crown of thorns detail

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
Nice abstract Charly
Coralloid button
Common lionfish shying away from the camera. Beautiful display of fins taken at Tioman.
Purple anemone
Chromodoris Leopardus. Taken at Tioman - not just rich in marine life, the island itself is also rich in biodiversity with plenty of endemic species to boast.
Bat Fish, Layang Layang, Olympus 5060
Nudi, Puerto Galera, super macro, Olympus 5060. approx.18 meters depth.
Flat worm on a cushion star. Taken in Tenggol Island, Malaysia.
Taken at Tenggol Island, Malaysia.
3984 Entries Found: Page 146  of  148

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