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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From Canada

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Diver using Vintage Double Hose Regulator at the Swing Bridge site, Welland Scuba Park.
Followed the curious sound of Donna Summer and Bee Gees music until I came upon the Shrimp with the Disco ball eyes...
Fashion photo by Seadance Photography.
model Janelle Francoeur
Looking up at free divers getting ready to dive from the hole in the ice that covers Morrison's Quarry. Nikonos V, Sea & Sea lens and manual exposure. Slightly cropped for subject and colour corrected in PS.
The model
Side-mount diver with helmet cam and lights descending in Morrison's Quarry March 2014 (under the ice). Nikonos V with 15mm lens and Kodak 400 ASA film in natural light. Manual exposure. Cropped and colour corrected in PS.
A little scratch! These sea lions liked to rub up against you and would even mouth you gently!
Ice diver at the shallow entry point in Morrisons Quarry. The deeper sections are accessed using cave techniques. Nikonos V, Nikonos 15mm lens, dual Ikelite 150 strobes, Fuji 400 film and manual exposure. Cropped & colour corrected in PS. Feb 2014
Red Rock Crab with eggs at Tyee Cove
On the Hook! This young Stellar Sea lion had the unfortunate time of getting hooked on a long line. It will hopefully rust thru and will heal in time. Remember what we do effects the large and small everywhere!
Albert Head, Victoria, BC. Canon 7D, Aquatica housing, Tokina 10-17 and two Ikelite DS-160 strobes.
A portrait of a Sea Lion! Canon T2I with Tokina 10-17mm twin sea an sea 110a strobes!
After the die off of Starfish we have seen on the west coast of Canada it was encouraging to see them going strong in the Alberni Inlet. Tokina 10-17mm and twin sea and sea 110a strobes.
Niagara River Round Goby Portrait
Moon Jelly at Tyee Cove
Diver inside airplane wreck in Morrison's Quarry under the ice (Feb 2014). Nikonos V, 12mm S&S lens, dual Ikelite 150 strobes, Kodak Portra 800 ASA film and manual exposure. Colour corrected in PS and cropped for subject.
Upright piano sunk in Morrison's Quarry. Photo taken under the ice - note the guideline on one of the legs. Manual exposure, Nikonos V, 12mm S&S lens, dual Ikelite 150's & Fuji 400ASA film. Colour corrected in PS. Water temp 37F.
Zebra Sea Slug! This neon green slug was on an off colour for its normal background so it had a nice contrast.
Kelp Crab eating - what else? - kelp!
With the mass die off of Sea Stars off of the coast of north America it was great to see this sea flea perched on this healthy baby Sea Star! Canon 100mm macro with twin sea and sea 110 alpha strobes and +10 diopter!
Jelly Teddy! The Hooded Nudibranch always remind me of little soft teddy bears with fangs!
Into the fire! Opalescent Nudibranch on Eel grass.
Fire on Black! This nudibranch was balanced on a piece of eel grass and against the darkening water provided an amazing contrast!
Commercial dive operation delayed due to high tidal current on a job in northern British Columbia. It looks quiet, but wait a couple of hours for the tide to slack and then it's back to work. Canon S95 camera.
Longhorn Decorator on Giant Plumrose Anemones
Wolf Eel Couple
In the Current
1068 Entries Found: Page 13  of  40

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