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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From The Landlocked Seas/Lakes

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Marble mine in Belgium.
Riverdiving in the Verzasca river in Switzerland.
Cave Diver in France
Marble mine in Denee in Belgium.
Cavediver in France
Old marble mine in Belgium. Only accessible with a permit. Cristal clear water. To reach the entrance it is a horrible climb.
Diver in a Cave in France
A pike in a lake in the Netherlands. In summer we can spot a lot of pikes. I still like that fish.
Under the bridge, Verzasca
Gobiidae, Duiklocatie Boschmolenplas
Small crab in the Netherlands. In winter you don't see a lot, but crabs are always there.
Seasquirts (Ascidiacea) in the 'Veerse Meer' in the Netherlands. Not the most impressive animals, but sometimes they are nice to take pictures of.
Old mine in Belgium. Hard to get in, but then you have a nice dive.
An eel in a lake in Germany.
This picture is taken in an old mine that was already in use around 1900. It has been closed before world war 1. The mine is clear on the way in, but has zero viz on the way out. Taking pictures is hard, every wrong movement gives a siltout.
My favorite type of photographing under water is wide angle with model(s). This time we found a ball under water and that ball was not floating and not really heavy. Exactly fitting for some fun under water. It ended in trying to play volleyball.
Verzasca River
Neogobius fluviatilis,
Boschmolenplaas, Panheel
The famous bridge, ponte dei Salti above the Verzasca river in Lavertezzo in Switzerland. Sadly we had not the viz as it could be and a lot of current.
Dive in the slate Mine Nuttlar
Tec diver in a lake in germany
Tec Diver in Messinghausen / Germany
Preparing for the dive
841 Entries Found: Page 5  of  32

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