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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From The Great Lakes

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Starboard side of the Arabia in Tobermory, Canada.
This picture is the result of stitching together 7 wide angle pictures.
The 131' Arabia sunk in 1884 at a depth of 105'. Visibility this day was approximately 50'.

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
interesting that picture is the result of stitching together 7 pictures.
Quarry Reflection
Sunfish swims past quarry wall.
Bluegill Sunfish C/U, Windmill Point Quarry near Lake Erie
Peek a boo- Sculpin sp. Off Northpoint, Tobermory, Ontario
Sucker sp.- Portrait. Taken off Northpoint, Tobermory, ON
Test Dive-Diver tests handheld navigation equipment in the gloomy waters of a local quarry near Lake Erie.
Wheel on Niagara II wreck, Tobermory ,Ontario
Crayfish sp. near the wreck of the 'Sweepstakes', Big Tub Harbour, Tobermory, ON Fathom Five National Marine Park. One of my early shots, Nikonis 11, 35mm Hydro Photo lens attached to 35 mm lens, Honeywell Strobe in Hydro photo Housing.
Lingcod or 'Burbot' portrait,* Note the single 'whisker'. North Wall , Fathom Five National Marine Park-Tobermory, Ontario
Bluegill Sunfish. Photo taken at local quarry, Windmill Point, near Lake Erie.
Sea Life DC1000.
Shoreline at Tobermory, Canada after a winter storm
Male Bluegill Sunfish 'tending' nest, Windmill Quarry, Ontario.
SeaLife DC1000
Diver & Pumpkinseed Sunfish,
Panorama of the 175' James C. King near Tobermory, Ontario.
This photo is a result of stitching 14 individual shots together. The visibility on this dive was about 30'. The bow is at 85', the stern at 20' (angle of decline modified in this photo).
Ice Crystals, Was photographing some divers at the Welland Canal Scuba Park and noticed these crystals forming along the shoreline.
Diver Silhouette, Fathom Five National Marine Park, Tobermory, Ontario
ROV Test Dive. Diver had been taking u/w photos of an ROV his company produces.
Rock Bass Portrait
Mouth of the Niagara River as it enters Lake Ontario.
A view of the Great Lakes! Canon G10, Sea and Sea YS110a strobe. Taken on a quick stop while driving in Norther Ontario.
Mr 'Blue Claws'
Diver examines the windlass on the sidewheeler 'Comet' near Kingston, Ontario
Crayfish Closeup, North Wall Night Dive, Tobermory, Ontario
With the Limestone cliffs in the background, a wave 'crashes' along the shoreline at Bruce Peninsula National Park near Tobermory, Ontario
Erinn's portrait-Welland Scuba Park
265 Entries Found: Page 9  of  10

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