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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From Dominica

565 Entries Found: Page 11  of  21
Coral king crab
Dive boat gong on a night dive
Cerianthus - nocturnal tube dwelling anemone under fluorescence
Golden zoanthids under fluorescence - next time a tripod.
1st attempt at fluorescence. quite frustrating
Orange Ball Corallimorph. Night dive
b/w conversion Coral and sponge
sponge and coral
Orange ball corallimorph
Fuji Velvia
Nikonos V Ocean Optics Ext tube
taken in or around 1994
Leatherback hatchling departing for the big adventure.
brought to the boat.
The end of the line...
Sealife DC1400, natural light.
prototype RTR Cuttlefish ringflash 105mm DX on a D90 body
Untitled - but taken under permit
Physalia and attendant Man o war fish, open ocean
Peacock flounder, RTR-Cuttlefish ringflash
Eye of scorpion fish. Testing a RTR -Cuttlefish ringflash
Going down? (under permit)
Family group, taken under permit
Sperm Whale starting her dive
Sperm Whale of Dominica. "Moby Dick" with his on me.
Swimming with the Sperm Whales of Dominica. Free dive, no strobes allowed, special government permit. Fantastic adventure with these large mammals
backyard sunset.... 02.03.13
Sperm whale making a dive to over 1000m in search of food.
By the dawns early light
Mother love (taken under permit)
Ghost catch
a fishing buoy found 8 miles offshore had this bobbing on the end of it.The fisherman had lost his fight with the fish who took his handline and float, but in the end the line won.
565 Entries Found: Page 11  of  21

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