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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From The Landlocked Seas/Lakes

662 Entries Found: Page 21  of  25
slaphappy about sunny May:
circles from whirligig beetles
Chaoborus resting after emergence
May at surface: Chaoborus exuvia
mud snails in May mood
mud snail walking surface from underneath
to refresh air supply
The other planet.
Have fun watching.
surface mirror (2)
mirrored reed stems pointing upside down
and real reed in Snell's window.
surface mirror (1)
calm day in the shallow
Frog's eggs
Manatee kid gets milk
In a gadda da vida
Beam me up -
UW- mood with modell.
Have fun watching.
Planorbis carinatus
prefers clear water
seen in Suhrer lake only
Watching you -
Image is mirrored
Bithynia egg art.
Suhrer See
in the chara meadows
of the Suhrer See.
where the wild things are
Three inch loach (cobitis taenia).
Just stopped chewing sand for dinner, wondering about the illumination.
Incurrent siphon of an unionid mussel.
Note the dipteran larva sneaking
through the screen of papillae.
Erpobdellid cocoons
on a stone.
Leech (Erpobdella spec.)
under a submerged branch
Damselfly (4 of 4):
... ready to hunt in new element.
Damselfly (3 of 4):
Now ready to fly and ...
(Coenagrium pulchellum)
662 Entries Found: Page 21  of  25

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