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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From Germany

788 Entries Found: Page 21  of  30
Early stage of a
Plumatella colony.
Lake Plussee.
Whenever you go deep down, remember to take some light with you:)
It's nice to read something from time to time:)
Underwater modelshooting with brazilian Model
mite and worm
(family naidae, stylaria spec.?)
wait for hatching of
caddis fly embryos
(phryganea type)
brown hydra on Kalmus.
Lake Schöhsee.
Canon 600D, 60mm macro,
Ikelite 150, Inon S2000,
f/11 1/200 sec
Underwater love
crayfish eye.
Lake Schöhsee.
EOS 600D, 60mm, DS-160
f/16 ISO 400
Harbour seal in Black & White
budding hydra.
I wonder how
they avoid tangling arms.
water spider
Argyroneta aquatica
mites raiding egg gelatin
of Chironomus
string-shaped spawn gelatin
of Chironomus sp. (thummi-group)
- note the meandering spiral
arrangement of the eggs
polypides with horsehoe shaped tentacle ridges
in a Plumatella colony.
Lake Plussee.
Canon G10 with 2x Inon UCL 165,
S2000 strobe
caddis fly larva
(Goera type)
hydra on
piece of wood with a leg
Hydra loves free ride
on others, moving around,
here: snail and
caddis fly larva (goera type)
Harbour Seal (Phoca vitulina)
juvenile Unio
Lake Plussee
Little whirlpool ram's horn snail
(Anisus vorticulus )
- 5 mm diameter -
on Club-rush (Schoenoplectus)
Lake Plussee
Stone with crustose layer of the
freshwater red alga Hildenbrandia rivularis
and common nerite
common nerite
(Theodoxus fluviatilis)
Lake Plussee
Bithynia portrait.
Lake Plussee.
starfish tube feet
seeking grip in
Baltic littoral rock
> note the wormlike,
dorsal respiratory papillae
common starfish
in his Cockaigne
Dreagonfly larve taken with Canon G12 and 2 X UCL165
788 Entries Found: Page 21  of  30

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