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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Athanasios Arapis

13 Entries Found
Wellcome to my home!
Eeee? What's up doc? Syvota bay, Igoumenitsa, Greece. Shot with sony cp93
All terrain vehicle! Shot close to bella vraka beach, at Syvota, Igoumenitsa, Greece
Diplodus sargus sargus on a "far West" backround! Nice color and dof? Shot with sony cp93 on a freedive.
P.S They were swimming around me like they wanted to be photographed (they don't usually do it, because they are delesious)!
This murey was in the same region with the octapus I uploaded yesterday. Mabe she was the one that bite the octapus. Shot with cacon cp93, on a freedive ofcourse
This octapus met a muray litteraly face to face, but it was lucky. Shot with a sony dscp 93 in a freedive of course
Sweet, silcen dreems my love. Shot at Kefalonia, Greece
The circle of life at Plataria bay, Igoumenitsa, Greece
Octapus Vulgaris. Octapus=a living organism with 8 tentacles. Vulgaris = Violent. A violent killer. Just what those eyes tells as. A shot in Agia Paraskevi bay, Igoymenitsa, Greece.
Yep! Believe it! I saw the snake catching the “Pestrofa” (a very muscular river fish) in the river and pulling it out! Why? To die from suffocation and stop resisting!!!
A golden tripterygion delaisi on a golden carpet at Syvota bay, Igoumenitsa-Greece
Is it a desert flower? NOOOOO. It is more beaudiful! Lefkas island in Greece. Camera:Sony dscp93
It was taken in the springs (not in the sea)of Louros river at Epirus provence - Greece.One of my limited scuba diving pictures(I usually free dive). The small lake has too mutch alge and you fell like flying over low green mist
13 Entries Found