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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Paul Maddock

18 Entries Found
Crab - North Wales, UK - Nikon D70s, 60mm, YS60 & YS30 slave.
Look we do get clear water in the UK.
Sharm El-Sheikh area - Nikon D70s.
Compass Jellyfish - Trearddur bay, North Wales, UK.
Nikon D70s, 60mm, twin strobes.
I overlooked this shot, taken as part of an on the day competition.
Now i've looked again i really like it, especially with the reflection!!
Pipefish taken in North Wales, UK.
Nikon D70s, 60mm, YS60 + YS30 slave.
Tompot Blenny - North Wales, UK, Nikon D70s, 60mm, Twin strobes
Juvenile Cuckoo Wrass (I think). Nikon D70s, 60mm, Twin strobes.
Crab - North Wales, UK - D70s, 60mm, trin strobes.
Octopus - Na'ama bay, Red sea - F50, 105mm, single YS60 strobe.
Seal - Farne Islands UK - Nikon F50, 60mm, Single YS60 strobe.
Hawkfish - Red Sea - Nikon F50, 105mm
Flatfish - Nikon F50, 105mm - Red Sea, Na'ama bay
Clownfish - Red Sea, Naama bay - Nikon F50, 105mm
Pipefish - North Wales, D70s, 60mm.
Jellyfish - Nikon F50, 60mm. Isle of Man
Cube Trunkfish - Red sea, D70s, 60mm
Nudibranch - D70s, 105mm, twin strobes
Compass Jellyfish, Trearddur bay, Anglesey. Nikon D70s, 60mm.
Seahorse taken with a sea & sea housed Nikon F50, 105mm with twin strobes. Na'ama bay, Sharm El Sheikh
18 Entries Found