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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From Germany

826 Entries Found: Page 10  of  31
freshwater - mating toads
waiting for the ladies.......
male toad
perfect reflection ...
mating toads
Big thanks to my wife, a graphic artist and an art director ( for creating this digital artwork. This image is a combination of 7 of my photos from different places. All can be seen in our website (
A tiny pond snail and a polyp taken with the MP 65-E at 5:1 magnification in a german lake.
A marbled sleeper with glowing eyes in the darkness of a german lake.
Marc - so cool......
Marc..... and his very first underwater shooting
Model: Dominique Grübel
Fotograf: Konstantin Killer
Ort: Worms Heinrich-Völker-Bad, Worms, Deutschland
Ausrüstung: Nikon D 800 + SEACAM Gehäuse + SEACAM und INON Blitze
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wreck - find in one of the volcanic lakes in Germany -Eifel region
Persbach - freshwater, river photography
Underwater Fashion Shoot with manipulated background
Crawfish in my favorite lake
Northern Pike
Model: Jenny Seibert
Fotograf: Konstantin Killer
Ort: Germany, Worms, Heinrich Völker Bad
Ausrüstung: Nikon D 800 + SEACAM Gehäuse+ SEACAM + INON Blitz
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Model: Veronika VA
Model TEC Taucher: Söyup Bay
Fotograf: Konstantin Killer
Killer Team: Alexandra Schmitt
Ort: Germany, Worms, Heinrich Völker Bad
Ausrüstung: Nikon D 800 + SEACAM Gehäuse+ SEACAM + INON Blitz
welcome to reality.........
freshwater dream - Nims river, Germany
"Junior" - Young pike in a german lake
Nims river - freshwater
Trout eaten by Pike
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editor's comments

Editor's Comment
Incredible timing to capture this moment whith the bait just hanging out of the mouth a little bit plus perfect lightning and amazing composition
Perdsbach - small stream in germany
sunrays..... freshwater, River Nims in Germany
let the sun shine in... river photography
dragonflies in snells window.......
826 Entries Found: Page 10  of  31

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