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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From Switzerland

1357 Entries Found: Page 6  of  51
Ecrevisse de nos lacs
Hemimysis anomala big grin
Autoportait big grin
Buddy Sven big grin
Eggs of water snail, backlit with snoot big grin
Catfish big grin
Diver in cold water
Diver in cold water
Wels catfish big grin
Crawfish in cold water. Little Lake in Switzerland
Buddy Sven facin a 2m Wels Catfish big grin
Pike Fish in the sunlight
Pike fish on the hunt
High Altitude diving
River Diving
She will ear the radio station, "radio lake". (This station exist in my area :-))
Lotte (french name) inside a wreck.
Frog's baby just out of their eggs
Young Pike fish close to the surface hunting...
Unidentified eggs; they were in a sphere ... amaizing UW World big grin just love it
freshwater scud big grin
Adult Pike Fish in the sunlight... :O)..
Frog's eggs
Tenches in the high Freshwater grasses.... :O)...
Freshwater Shrimp
Perca Fluviatilis, Ceresio Lake, Switzerland
Freshwater scud - gammarus spp
1357 Entries Found: Page 6  of  51

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