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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From Switzerland

1378 Entries Found: Page 8  of  52
Pike Fish posing... :O)...
Young pike fish hunting pearl roaches close to the surface....
Flying Pike... :O)...
Ecrevisse américain qui envahi et éradique les écrevisses endémique.
Tench coming out of the reeds... :O)...
Young Adult Pike fish close to the surface... :O)...
Damselfly big grin
Joli brochet en vadrouille.
I don't know whether the small larvae was trying to get some fast-food, but he was turning around the mussel like crazy ... big grin
Larvae of a damselfly - playing hide and seek with me big grin
Ambiance sur les bords de la gouille du Duzillet
Adult pike fish close to the surface... :O)...
Pike Portrait II
Pike Portrait I
Netta rufina on Geneva lake.
Freshwater Red Bloody Shrimp (1.5 cm) - night dive.
Trout in a mountain lake... :O)...
Near the town Aigle in Switzerland, we found a very small lake with an permanent exposition of 12 differents statues. Here one of them.
Freezing entry :-)
Freshwater Blennie... :O)..
Trout close to the surface... :O)...
Adult Pike fish having a meal (a Trout)... ;O)...
Big Pike Fish close to the surface on a stormy day... :O)...
Trout winter diving.... ;O)...
Valvata piscinalis big grin
Hemimysis anomala - invasice species - Canon 7D, Nauticam, 100 mm + subsee +10 diopter
1378 Entries Found: Page 8  of  52

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