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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Yves Antoniazzo

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Last picture of today’s dive and I got lucky! Olympus C5050
You can see the feather star through this Ornate Ghost Pipefish, if you zoom in.
Which way is up???
Thorny Sea Horse eye close-up.
Another common Perhentian sighting is the Clarks anemone fish.
This Blue Ringed angel fish was ready to feed on the sponge; so it was not troubled by my presence.
Ever tried to take a picture through curtains; I faced the same kind of problem with this shot, the camera didn’t know where to focus.
If you are a food source camouflage is a must under water; this Cardinal shrimp understands it very well.
This cleaner shrimp wanted to give my camera lens a cleaning; I had to back off a little in order to take the shot.
Ribbon ells must be tame in Tulamben ,I didn’t expect too be able to get this close to them in order to take their portrait.
Bullock’s Hypselodoris up very close.
Patience pays in the end, but this little guy used up a lot of mine as he was going in and out of his hiding place non-stop until clack I got it.
It took me a few shots too get the face of that flute mouth, as it would not stop moving away from me.
Just a little further to home, easy to say not so easy to do when your future meal is bigger than you.
These Bridled clown fish can bite, just look at those teeth.
Royal Hypselodoris with is head up not a normal position for nudibanchs. Potographed with Olympus C5050.
Juvenile clown fish on a white anemone photographed with Olympus C5050.
Multi-Pustuled Mexichromis up close.
If this Scorpion fish let its beard grow any longer he would no longer be able to swim.
Yes I‘m grumpy so what!!! Yeah this box crab seems to be having a bad day.
Two small starfish traveling on one big one.
If two clown fish are better than one, what about three???
This sea horse was trying to hide behind these feathery hydroids.
Two harlequins shrimp sharing there favorite food. Notice the difference in size.
Funky anemone for this male Bridled clown fish
Volva volva fiding on soft coral
Bridled clown fish having a face rub whith his all white host.
314 Entries Found: Page 10  of  12