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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Yves Antoniazzo

314 Entries Found: Page 8  of  12
Smile your now in the under water photo contest 350D/105
Mum! M'I getting seek? D200/105
Hey you wanna fight 350D/105

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
sharp as a knife this one - zoom it and see
Froggie face D200/105 plus 20mm extension tube
Coleman shrimp hare the real macro static subject since they can't move away from there clip area on the urchin 350D/105
I would have been happy with one them being sharp , but two that was a surprise D200/105 plus 20mm extension tube
Portrait of a sleeping goatfish Tulamben, USS Liberty wreck 350D/105
Hawkfish up very close D200/105
My first encounter with this nudi Tulaben "coral garden dive site"D200/105
Spikes on spikes what a stinging combination!350D/105
Cowries shells are also one of my favorite subjects D200/105
A clasic face picture for today entrie,
thaken in Tulamben wreck Bali,350D/105
I told you the adults didn't look as good as their baby's. D200/ 105mm lens
In my book this nudi is called Batangas halgerda a long name for one of my favorite nudi. D200/105
This juvenile frogfish look a lot better than is parents.350D/105

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
A 'designer' froggie?
Up skirt view of a co's chromodoris; thank to those two tiny branches.
Lucky shot,two birds with one stone.
Canon 350D/105Sigma
Old and all chewed up nudi for today’s entry; I always thought they were poisonous!!! D200/105 Nikon
Parents taking care of the future generation you can see the eggs on the yellow Ascidian.D200/105 Nikor
Parents taking care of the future generation you can see the eggs on the yellow Ascidian.D200/105 Nikor
This picture does not need turning since it was taken as you see it; the current was strong enough to bend the sea pen horizontal....350D/105lens
Still another pigmy but this time taken whith my D200/105 lense + 20mm extention tube, not an easy task since it was moving a lot asyou can see!!!
My first entry for 2007, is this strange looking pygmy seahorse, I never seen one of them before, I also could hardly see it and didn't expect too get a good shot so tried only once and got lucky!!!....350D/105.
My last entry from Perhentian in 2006, I call it “The light within".
She must have gone bored of the pictures session. Conon 350D/105
This clown fish is my first decent under water SLR picture taken with Conon 350D and 105 lens
Time for food for this Rowland's Bornella C5050
314 Entries Found: Page 8  of  12