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by Marivic Maramot

Elegant nudibranch, Olympus Pen Epl1

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by Penn De Los Santos

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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Patrick Reardon

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I know this fish as a Philippine Tang.
Brittle star reaching out from under his soft coral hideout.
A gullet shot.
A rare sighting of the PSCS2 "Happy Scorpionfish". Maui, Hawaii. Maybe he got hold of some island home grown. Dude!
Surfer in Maui, Hawaii.
Slipper lobster. Not difficult to see why people call them "bugs".
Portrait of a Titan Scorpion. Maui, Hawaii. D100 and 105 lens.
Flowers at the general store on the Ulupalakua Ranch, upcountry Maui.
Bottoms up. Maui, Hawaii.
Blue dragon, back wall, molokini crater.
Caught this puffer right after a mal. No manners at all. D100, 105 lens. Full frame.
Repetitve images of the whale seen in the center.
What to do in Maui when not under the water. Taken from atop a 100 ft. cliff on the norht sore of Maui.
Full frame of a large yellow margin moray. D100, 105mm lens. Maui, Hawaii.
Full frame moray eel, Maui, Hawaii.
Wailea Point sunsetm Maui. D200
Good camoflage strategy.
Better camo strategy.
Bad camoflage strategy.
Crown of thorns, macro.
Humpback whale breaching, Maui, Hawaii. Shot from the dive boat using a D100 with a 105mm lens in a Light and Motion housing. A heavy camera package topside, but I had to move quick to get this shot.
Blue dragon nudibranch. Back wall of Molokini crater, Maui, Hawaii. D100, 105mm lens.
Endemic Hawaiian sea urchin, Prionocidaris hawaiiensis. Nikon D100, 105mm lens.
Moray Eel, near Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii. D100, 105mm lens.
Stout Moray, South Maui, Hawaii. D100, 105mm lens, Light and Motion housing.
Titan Scorpion, South Maui, Hawaii. Light and Motion housing, D100, 105mm lens. all but invisible when its mouth is shut.
Potter's Angelfish. Nikon D100.105mm lens. Light & Motion housing with strobes. These fish are shy and I got lots of tails, backs, and other fish before getting a good shot.
308 Entries Found: Page 11  of  12