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Week 39 winner

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by Jose Maria Abad Ortega

Peacock Mantis Shrimp Odontodactylus scyllarus

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August Winner

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by Raffaele Livornese

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Lars Oliver Michaelis (2nd place)
Reinhard Arndt (3rd place)
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August WINNER!!!!!!!!!!

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Raffaele Livornese

Medsea shark egg CFWA shot
posted: (Last month) | category: Wide Angle - Close Focus
location: Mediterranean Sea Italy

Underwater Photo Contest | August HotShots

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Long-snouted seahorse (Hippocampus guttulatus)
Runner Up Monthly HotShots
Great hammerhead shark (Sphyrna mokarran), Tiger Beach, Bahamas
3rd place Monthly HotShots
Rhinopias frondosa @ Anilao
2nd place Monthly HotShots
Venus + jupiter
Wreck Salem Express.
Oxynotus centrina (Linnaeus, 1758). Green-eyed shark or pig fish. size 70cm, deep. 82m
This juvenile Trunkfish was about the size of a pea. It was pretty active, darting in and out of the coral head, but it finally settled down enough for me to get this shot head on. Nikon D850, Nauticam housing, INON z330 strobes.
Leopard Crinoid Shrimp (Laomenes pardus),
Anilao, Philippines
This underwater portrait of a beautiful woman was taken in my pool in Florida. She's a dear friend of mine and is one of my muses. We used natural light, a fine art backdrop, and a gown by Katharina Hakaj to complete the look.
Some Mako sharks are real players!
Just a lake
Totem / Pinna Nobilis, Santa Maria al Bagno, Salento
First shot with my Olympus M1 Markiii. No flash, the yellyfish just twisted around above me and the sun was perfect.
Face to face with the tiger
Tiger Shark (Galeocerdo cuvier), Tiger Beach, Bahamas
Did he just want to scan me electromagnetically with his Lorenzinian ampoules, or was he as surprised about this close encounter as I was - who knows?
Taken in 2019 in Bodö Norway during a drift dive -22 on the surface
hermit crab, panasonic GH4 ,olympus lens 60mm macro, plus 10 diopter, two sea and sea strebe D1, nauticam housing
Cauliflower Jellyfish in Yanbu, Saudi Arabia.
Juvenile banded driftfish (Psenes arafurensis)
Photo of a shrimp goby
Juvenile emperor fish
Scrawled Cowfish, Key Largo, Florida
The human (taken under permit)
Cratena nudibranch_2021
La Formica dive site_2021
(Canon 60mm,t1/200,f/25,iso200)
close-up "Horozbina" from Kusadası Aydın Turkey
Olympus EM1 Mark II 60 mm zuiko lens f/8 1/60
Secretary Blenny
28 Entries Found