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Nice turtle at the salt Pier of Bonaire
By Beate Seiler
posted 10:03 CST Today (within the last hour)
Amazing nudibranch at Lembeh
By Michal Štros
posted 06:12 CST Today (4 hours ago)
Blue Ringed Octopus
By Michal Štros
posted 06:03 CST Today (4 hours ago)
Yellow variant of the feather duster worm adds color the already colorful reef
By Peet J Van Eeden
posted 05:39 CST Today (5 hours ago)
Soft Porcellaine Coral Crab
By Michal Štros
posted 05:22 CST Today (5 hours ago)
Fish run through it
By Michal Štros
posted 05:10 CST Today (5 hours ago)

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Underwater Photo Contest Entry

Taken by: Fabrice Leroy

Divers around the table
Divers around the table by Fabrice Leroy

forum thread for this image
Posted: Monday, April 30, 2012- (4/30/2012 5:05:00 AM)
Category: Wide Angle - Divers
location: Indian Ocean Maldives
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message this message is important Dear Fabrice,

Thank for your latest submission to the UWP contest smile

You've requested a critique of your photo.

How it works:

I will structure my critique into a few chapters and will list some suggested solutions to problem zones (if there are any ).

My critique will be like 3-4 posts in total, please wait with any answers until
you see the note "photo critic completed" - thanks smile

As we photo critics do this job as volunteers and as this service ist free of charge, at least a feedback on how this critique was useful to you is always appreciated.

Photo critiques here at UWP are meant to give a helping hand with an analytic review & to suggest solutions.

The objective is to see you here as winner one day smile

And here we go ( critique/review starts with the next post ) !

Henry Jager
8056 point member
Henry Jager member image
message  Photo Critique

First impression

What a pitty that nobody is intersted in this coral

Technical ( score from 1-6, best is 6 )

Exposure : 3, Colours: 4, Sharpness: 5, DOF ( depth of field ) : 4, Contrast : 4

Suggestions :

Let's have a look at light and shadow. The coral is nicely exposed on its surface but throws a nasty shadow. This can be avoided by repositioning your flashes. Oh..., you only have one? That's a clear disadvantage when shooting such pics.

Don't hesitate to clean up your background.

Composition :

Close focus Wide Angle smile
too crowdy background, no interaction diver-subject

Suggestions :

All the divers are swimming away, uncoordinated and leaving the poor photographer on it's own. What a bad behaviour! You should change to model shooting wink

Henry Jager
8056 point member
Henry Jager member image
message Assuming they were models and would look nicely into the camera, you a) have to arrange them, b) have them much closer to have them flashlit, too or c) have them only as shapes.

Regarding the water and the sun. There is a hint of sun, it could be more. Try to get the sun in the picture. Maybe with sunrays? More sun would have helped with c).

Subject :

Divers & coral. Sounds like a great combination. And it is...

Suggestions :

... but look out for a really beautiful coral (and really beautiful models wink )

Henry Jager
8056 point member
Henry Jager member image
message  Epilogue :

Underwaterphotography is fun. But not everybody shares this hobby, yes, most of the divers are annoyed by having them in their group slowing down their dive.

Early in my uw-photographers life, I decided to rent private guides and I recommend everybody to do the same (unless you have a close buddy/model to go your own way, which is worth even more).

I'm looking forward to your next pics.

All the best,


--------Photo Critique completed--------

Henry Jager
8056 point member
Henry Jager member image
message Thx for your critique. I agree most of what you say !

For this dive, I had only one strobe (my second's strobe batteries failed...) so that's the reason for the shadow.

In fact, this was my first dive with my brand new tokina 10-17 fisheyes, with no idea on how the angle was wide ! So I take this pictures without seeing the divers. I was sure that they could not be on the picture !!! It's only when I see the photo that I've realised what meaned 180° angle ^^

So in fact, I like this picture more by his "surprise and funny" way than by his technical quality.

Thx again for your message, and sorry for my english, hoping there is not too much mistakes ^^


125 point member
member image
message You're welcome, Fabrice

Yes, experimenting with new gear can be surprising smile Have fun and success!


PS: Your english is fine, don't worry smile
Henry Jager
8056 point member
Henry Jager member image