Contest entries
Wings  Lionfish abstract
By Kelvin H.y. Tan
posted 08:20 CST Today (within the last hour)
The sweeper. Porcelain Crab. Batu Belah  Bali.
By John Roach
posted 06:50 CST Today (2 hours ago)
Fancy Gown
By Violet Ting
posted 05:33 CST Today (3 hours ago)
CANON 5D3 100MM YSD1 2 F/25 1/200 ISO 1250
By Ming Wen
posted 04:04 CST Today (4 hours ago)
The Egg Of The Ornate ghost pipefish  Solenostomus paradoxus .
Mabul Island
Nikon D7000  Nauticam NA D7000
105mm Mirco Lens with FIT  5 n  8
Inon Z240 x 2
ISO 100  F29  1/200
By Simon Chong
posted 03:15 CST Today (5 hours ago)
Soft corals of Red Sea
By Taner Atilgan
posted 02:14 CST Today (6 hours ago)

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message this message is importantGood afternoon Benny! Some weeks I try to load new photos on a site and it turns out nothing. Photos I loaded the different size both big (800pix) and small - result zero. The indicator on a site shows that loading happened 100%, but the photo on the page doesn't appear. That it is possible to make still, I don't know. I use the GOOGL CROME browser. I think that a problem with my account. Look please.
Good luck. Sergey
4804 point member
lisnic member image
message Hi Sergey,

I am very sorry for the problem. I am working to resolve it. I am not able to reproduce it which makes it very difficult to track.

Please let me know if you find a browser in which it works for you. I tried multiple browsers and operating systems and everything works.

Regards, Tal

100783 point member
siteadmin member image
message Hi, Tal! I have this problem too! I can't upload any shots from three different computers with different providers, I am trying to upload in Google, Yandex, Opera and Forefox. May be you blocked me when I was trying to upload many times a day without result? I want to be a your site member! Help me!!!!! And can you return to previous order of uploading - it was simple and successful!
Regards, Elena tears
1736 point member
Elena member image
message Hi Elena,

I wish I could revert back to the old version but unfortunately it is no longer supported. I was forced to upgrade. The issue does not seem to be browser related but in fact computer related.

I will not make any changes now that there are 4 days left for the competition but i will take care of it next year and find an alternative solution to the upload tool.

I apologize for the inconvenience.

Regards, Tal
100783 point member
siteadmin member image
message Good afternoon Tal. Unfortunately has to report that the problem remains, I and can't load now any image on your site. Though now I received Pro Account. Even absolutely small size of a photo isn't loaded. I often load the photos on various photosites and with one of them problems aren't present. From this I draw a conclusion that the obstacle is at you. I ask you to solve this problem. Sergey.
4804 point member
lisnic member image
message Good evening Tal! Good evening, Sergey! I can't solve this problem till now too. I have Windows7 professional on all 3 computers. May be the problem is due to system? But many people have windows7 but can upload shots.Do only Sergey and me have the same problems with uploading? Let's help me, please! tears
Regards, Elena
1736 point member
Elena member image
message Добрый день Елена! Удалось ли Вам решить вопрос с загрузкой фотографий ? Для себя, я определил, что проблема была связана с тем, что в названии отправляемого файла были русские буквы и программа сайта его просто не видит. Я потом столкнулся с таким явлением при загрузке файлов для видеомонтажа. Попробуйте называть файлы на латинице или англ. Удачи )
4804 point member
lisnic member image
message Здравствуйте, Сергей! Я кажется решила проблему, во всяком случае, одну фотографию загрузила. Зашла на сайт, и высветилось предложение скачать совершенно новый броузер Torch.Я скачала и сразу же загрузила фото - получилось!В файлах для загрузки у меня действительно были русские буквы - уменьш - так я маркировала файлы для сайтов. Спасибо большое за Вашу заботу!
Мне очень нравится этот сайт!
1736 point member
Elena member image
message Ну и отлично, значит увидимся на этих страницах )
4804 point member
lisnic member image
message Hi Sergey! Thank you so much for helping us identify the problem! We will start working on it as soon as possible. For the moment it appears that this was the main issue causing problems - non-english letters on the file name.
1510 point member
ranmor member image
message Hi Tal, I have tried several times to upload photos but all failed, I have two bad entries to get rid of. I use the same process, browser, computer etc. of my previous two uploads, file name is similar too with numbers and English words, so I believe the problem should not be related to my side? Wrote several emails to your service account but no reply, please assist to explain the issue here. Cheers
195 point member
Millebolleblu member image