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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Louwrens De Lange

80 Entries Found: Page 1  of  3
Bedford truck windows Thistlegorm
Best buddy pair-he with camera,she with video
My dive buddy
One of the few days with excellent visibility at Sodwana Bay
Wide angle diver shot
Seaclam up close
Schooling Coachmen
Known locally as a potato bass
Face on of orange blenny
See through Popcorn/anemone shrimp-called the DM over and she could not understand me calling her for an anemone until I showed her the photo :-)
Orange blenny.They are quite long when free swimmng,head probably about 10% of body length
Ragged tooth shark.Seen in December at quarter mile reef Sodwan Bay where they give birth to their litter
Ribbon ray crossing overhead on a deep dive
Close-up of Hawksbill turtle
Coral crab hiding in staghorn coral
Amphiprion allardi (twobar anemone fish) eggs
Hitching a ride.Saw this nudi free swimming,tried to let it rest on my camera housing but it preferred my hand instead where it stayed for 15 minutes
Don't touch my anemone!
Another clam mouth
Marbled anemone crab busy siphoning and eating
Clam mouth (I hope)
Carpet anemone commensal shrimp
Whip coral commensal shrimp
Very hard to get a photo of these as they are extremely shy
Point and shoot camera
80 Entries Found: Page 1  of  3