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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Adam Skrzypczyk

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crown of thorns
Human flagpoles - divers waiting for safetystop at the HMS Thisslegorm, this is only one of many lines, one congested divesite (oly 5060)
Highfin sabertooth blenny - mid turn
Am I singing, shouting or yawning?
PG flat worm
Goby on purple coral
tiny frog fish with lure out and sharp teeth ready
hypselodoris bullockii
Another balancing act nudi
Peekaboo crab - 105 + closeup lens, crab no more than 3-4mm across - did not help that he/she/it kept on running around, the little bundle of energy
Dark boxy
Colourful crab of some sort - no cropping
Bit of an abstract
welcoming committee - sea snake taken on my very first dive in the Philippines.
Diver entering a cave. Shot witht he old oly 5060
say cheese.
Heavily photoshopped self portrait - Diver's reflection in an air bubble
taking a left
"I wanna be a ray" nudi. Euselenops luniceps
Shrimp on feather star - 105 + inon 165 closeup lens.
flatworm horns
Divers on the way up from the Alma Jane.
An abandoned fishing cage (surface line most probably cut by divers) becomes a home for fish. The pipe visible is one of the bottom supports of the cage. One of the few examples where humans contributed to the habitat. Oly 5060 + inon closeup lens
Staring competition with a shrimp.
Fighting grip. The girl in question was sat about a foot away, presumebly awaiting for the outcome of this bout.
65 Entries Found: Page 1  of  3