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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Mike Dickson

24 Entries Found
Yellow mouth moray. Also named jewelled or starry moray. (L: Gymnothorax nudivomer).
Hypselodoris dollfusi
Taken in manual mode. F7.1, 1/50, ISO 100
Honeycomb moray (l: Gymnothorax favagineus)
Hayuts Run, Damaniyat Islands
Honeycomb moray (l:Gymnothorax favagineus)
Aquarium, Damaniyat Islands
Undulated Moray (l: Gymnothorax undulatus)
Aquarium, Damaniyat Islands
Shrimp hiding in the spines of a sea urchin.
Note: taken in macro mode with my DX1G - no additional lenses.
Photo taken at Fahal Island today at 12:15 local time.
North Bay, Fahal Island
Geometric moray (l: siderea grisea)
Cat Island
Bearded scorpionfish (L: Scorpaenopsis barbata)
Cat Island
Peppered Moray (l: gymnothorax pictus)
Cat Island, Muscat, Oman
Hermit crab
Night dive, Bandar Jissa
F5.1, 1/60, spot metering, both strobes, half power
Starry yellow mouthed moray (l: gymnothorax nudivomer).
Plug point, Bandar Khayran, Muscat, Oman
F5.6, 1/2000, spot metering, both strobes
Dave from the endless blue with his Fuji....
Taken at Cat Island, Muscat Oman
F/2.9, 1/200, spot metering, both strobes used to capture the fish in the foreground
One of the many turtles around Plug Point at Bandar Khayran, Muscat.
Will somebody believe me NOW when I say that clownfish have teeth?
Clarks anemonefish (l: Amphiprion clarkii)
Three Sisters dive site at Damaniyat Islands. My long suffering trainee Divemaster is in the background 8o)
Starry / yellow mouthed moray (l: gymnothorax nudivomer)
Cuttlefish taken at Fahal Island, Muscat, Oman
Had the pleasure of diving with this particular turtle for around 20 minutes. Managed to get a number of sequential swim by shots.
Taken at Plug Point, Bandar Khayran, Muscat, Oman.
Camera: DX1G - manual mode.
Tiny shrimp spotted in a small crack in the coral at Pearl Point, Bandar Khayran, Muscat Oman.
Photo taken in manual mode.
Camera: Sea & Sea DX1G
Black lionfish (latin: pterois antennata)
Pic taken in manual mode with my DX1G at Ras Abu Dawood, Bandar Khayran, Muscat, Oman
Black lionfish - 'nuff said really ;o)
Broad barred Lionfish / firefish (latin: pterois antennata).
Nocturnal feeder - normally found hidden under coral ledges during daylight hours.
Grey / geometric moray (latin:siderea grisea)
Taken at 12 metres in Bhandar Khayran, Muscat Oman
6mm nudibranch spotted in North Bay, Fahal Island.
Photo taken in manual mode with my DX1G.
24 Entries Found