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Underwater Photo Contest | Wide Angle - Divers

6363 Entries Found: Page 5  of  236
Divers doing what divers do - underwater or on the surface
River Verzasca
I captured this image while diving with Manta Rays on Big Island, Hawaii
Diver in the slatemine Nuttlar
Diver in a german slate mine
Diver practicing S-drills with a giant pacific octopus
Diving in the Verzasca River
A tunnel in an old slate mine in Germany.
An old weather door in a slate mine. These doors were used to control the 'climate' in the mines.
Divers looking at a lumpsucker
Divers in a cave in France
Diver in France in a cave / Lot
Diver in the Slatemine Nuttlar in Germany
Cave divers
I shot this right after finishing our cavern and intro into cave course. It's shot with the Sony 6500 in a Fantasea housing, natural light. I love how the light shines into the cavern.
A tunnel in the Ressel cave in France at about 300m from the entrance.
The most famous cave in the Lot region in France: Ressel. This time really good viz.
visibility was pretty bad , got into the gorgonias at abt -40mtr
The emotional dance with the glorious turtle and my buddy amongst the deep blue water was a truly mesmerizing scene. With the most modest equipment and only natural sunlight, the harmony of these two loveable creatures caught my eye.
A freediver using a latex tail explores the clear cool waters of Catalina Island.
A scene from the Oslo Fjord
diver on the way out from the Cave
Verzasca River
Vervex - Vervece - the Holy Mary ,lays at 12 meters off the Sorrento Coast - Italy .
Reflections and lights in Nohoch Nah Chich cave
6363 Entries Found: Page 5  of  236