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by Didier Pasquini

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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From Cayman islands

3151 Entries Found: Page 2  of  117
Mr Stoic
Lights will guide you home
the Beautiful Southern Atlantic stingrays In the north Sound In Grand Cayman.
Spotted Moray with a broken jaw
the backside of a flamingo tongues...who knew?!
Lonely USS Kittiwake prior to Hurricane Nate
Lonely USS Kittiwake prior to Hurricane Nate
Jigsaw puzzle?
Taken on the north side of Little cayman
Saw two males with eggs on this day.
"Faaaast!" - A Caribbean reef shark speeds across a coral reef.
A diver and Kittiwake Wreck
Goldentail Moray smiles for the camera
"Blushing" - A triplefin blenny poses for its close up on a pink sponge.
28mm - Experimenting with a different lens for underwater photogaphs. I love how the edges blur, drawing the eye to both the center of the frame and the subject. This is one of my first forays with this lens, I like the potential!
"Sigourney's Alien" - A golden roughhead blenny's mighty, tiny teeth appear to project from its body like an Alien. This fish is actually quite sweet, but I used a SMC-1 to focus on just the teeth, making it look fierce.
Seahorse curling itself around a juvenile Filefish which glows inside it with the diveboat in the background
Little guy in Little Cayman
Ex-USS Kittiwake on her side after Tropical Storm Nate (2017)
"Searching For Mating Turtles At Sunset" - When the green turtles were mating this summer, I went to their beach at all different times of day to try for unique light. Split shot as my husband spots and looks out for me, at sunset.
Giant Anemone
Saddled Blenny
Found these two floating below the dive boat while I was coming up from a dive. The juvenile filefish looks like the wings of the seahorse, making it an underwater pegasus
"Peek-A-Blue" - A blue chromis peers out from behind a gorgonian on a reef at night.
"The Most Beautiful Reef #2" - Gorgeous, colourful corals and sponges grow off the pinnacle that is Ghost Mountain. One of the most beautiful dive sites on Grand Cayman!
3151 Entries Found: Page 2  of  117

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