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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From South Africa

2913 Entries Found: Page 8  of  108
Reaching for Gold
Basket star's arms stretching out on scrolled false coral
Common dolphins cruising past following a mobile baitball - Sardine Run South Africa 2019
Unfolding sea-anemone revealing the less known side of it.
Rock pool with sandy anemones
Gas flame nudibranchs occur on both sides of the Cape Peninsula. They are highly variable in color from pale, yellow to dark blue tips. They feed on bryozoans and are the hallmark of The Cape Peninsula’s Nudibranchs.
The rare and endangered tiger rock cod. What a beautiful creature
Bed of Thorns
Sea anemone with a background bed of brittle stars
In which direction do these blue banded snappers really want to swim ?
Brittle stars interwoven with a palmate sea fan
A hawksbill turtle is sharing its meal with a goldbar wrasse
I know the right direction
I met this friendly guy at Sodwana Bay Marine Park
Sharing a meal
Palmate sea fan at a newly discovered dive site in the middle of False Bay, Cape Peninsula
In Amazement
Scuba diver is amazed by the beauty of a small clown fish
The cleaning station
Potato Bass waiting to be cleaned by cleaner wrasse
Weightless in Wonderland
Potato bass and friends
Mellow Yellow is the dive site's name in Sodwana Bay. True to its name the snappers created again a yellow spectacle
This is one of my favorite photographs I've taken underwater. This painted lobster caught my eye. The whole scene was just perfect. The natural frame from the fan corals just makes everything pop! (ps. check out his afro) :P
Rockcod Just Watching us pass by.
Ragged tooth Durban
Subdued sunset in contrast with the rich colors of the under water sandy anemones
Durban SA
The Tidal Pool
Ocean Basket
The tidal pool is a source of life or nursery hosting a basket of marine animals and plants
2913 Entries Found: Page 8  of  108

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