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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From The Indian Ocean

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"Bat Fish Night" part of my Underwater Surrealism body of work. This image is referencing their common name: the Bat Fish.
"Maldivian Orange Tree" part of my Underwater Surrealism body of work. Image is playing off the bright orange color of the Maldivian Clownfish. Like most plants and trees, these fish are endemic, they are only found in the Maldives
Hanifaru Bay Mantas
Freediving with this little eagle ray was pretty fun!
Juvenile form of surgeon fishes,Juvenile Bristletooth surgeonfish. Baa atoll . Dharavandhoo
Laguna di Hanufaru , manta feeding frenzly
Juvenile Bristletooth surgeonfish were swarming Maldivian reefs in the last weeks.
Eagle ray hunting over sandy bottom
Feeding frenzly, the mantas of the Hanifaru lagoon Baa atoll, for a unique show . Pictures take during snorkelling witu housing Seacam , photocamera Nikon D800E , lens 17/35mm Nikon
This was a nice postdive manta session. A dense patch of plankton outside of Hanifaru Bay attracted about 20 -30 mantas. Luckily I had a few bar left in my tank ;-)
I took this image with a Canon Powershot whilst freediving in the Maldives in February 2018. The waters surrounding this small island now host a huge population of stingrays and moray eels, because a tuna factory on the island discards tuna waste.
Posted this before as BW. Better in colour?
Field of flowers and spikes - flower urchin - Toxopneustes pileolus
Reunion Island TG3
Leaf fish
Smile....Lizard fish waiting for his prey
Black Eyes shrimp... amplustrum amplustre
In the arms of a big acanthaster
Common dolphins cruising past following a mobile baitball - Sardine Run South Africa 2019
Watching this school of neon fusiliers being hunted by bluefin jack and dogtooth tunas was like watching NatGeo on TV, just better. To catch the movement I used a long shutter speed of 1/10th sec
Two Mantas
Chill out! There was so much action going on around this lazy green turtle: squadrons of bluefin jack attacking the carpet of glass fish , tunas looking for an easy meal, anthias buzzing.
More then friendly turtle. It already knew rule number one in underwater photography: get close!
Fusilier the moment the sea is very productive on our side of the atoll. phytoplankton-zooplankton-small fish-big fish.its cool to watch some hunting scenes and small bait balls.
Massive school of snapper up close
Let me scratch your port...
6592 Entries Found: Page 10  of  245

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