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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Brad Cox

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One Mile Jetty Carnarvon Western Australia
Dinner Camp Rock(Korean Star) Western Australia
Twin Pygmys Lembeh 2005
Shrimp & Nudi Sulawesi 2005
Dingy Ningaloo 2006
One Mile Jetty Carnarvon Western Australia 2006
Bunaken Marine Park August 2005
Abrohlos Islands Baldy line up 2006
Image taken on the Korean Star Quobba Western Australia.
Hairy Frogfish Yawning , Popo In Bunaken Marine Park North Sulawesi. Was ready for a Photo when he just decided to Yawn.
Deco stops can be incredibly boring, and not a great spot to get some good photos. Bubble Rings produced by a dive guide at Truk Lagoon. Pure ass to get them contrasting against the hull of the dive boat.
Ningaloo reef Turtle. It was Unusual to see a turtle resting vetically on a coral reef like this. I was able to get off a few photos with out disturbing him.
Sun Worshiper. Photo taken with Olympus 7070 in Sulawesi/Bunaken Aug 05. Hard enough to find these masters of camouflage to get a good photo of one was a treat. This fish 'yawned' 10 secs later got a photo but was not as good.
Isnt it always the way, I was looking for a different coloured anenome for the whole trip but was unable till this, last dive of the trip, 5 mins till deco and 50 bar in the tank. Ah well I know where it is now and there's always the next trip.
Yawning Leaf Scorpion Fish taken in November 05 at the Dropoff In Tulumben Bali.
96 Entries Found: Page 4  of  4