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Underwater Photo Contest | Wide Angle - Divers

6183 Entries Found: Page 1  of  229
Divers doing what divers do - underwater or on the surface
This picture is taken in the Marchepied cave in France. The entrance is narrow and sidemount only.
Diver on a CCR in a german lake
Diver in Mine Nuttlar/Germany
Nuttlar Minediving
into the wild. people go dive for fun or seeing animal or taking picture of wild life. but after the dive, its always the pleasure we feel when we go up. its a whole new feelings.
This picture is taken in the Felicitas Slate mine in Germany. An underwater museum
Felicitas slate mine in Germany
Nuttlar Slate mine
Lachtani momentka
Different light and colours shades in La Concha cave, México
This was on the last night on the liveaboard we were staying on. There were only a handful of divers around. I was lucky to get this shot of one of the photographers getting some closeup shot of the whale shark. Shot on canon r5 in a nauticam housing
Felicitas slate mine
Diver in the Mine Nuttlar Germany in Sidemount Configuration
Minediving Nuttlar / Germany
Sidemount Diver in Nuttlar Mine Diving
Nuttlar Minediving
Swiss Syphon salt water section in Jail House cave, México
The picture was taken in a small Swiss mountain lake while ice diving.
Underwater Selfie
Technical Diver in a lake in Germany
Cenote Maravilla, Hell's Bells.
The Hells Bells are speleothems that appear to have formed through incompletely understood complex interplays between water of the cave, microorganisms living in the cave, and the surface of them.
Diver in Messinghausen, der See im Berg -- Germany
Colorful Boat Rock Dive Site near Simons Town, South Africa
Beautiful Models
wale shark at Cendrawasith bay
Diver in Samaranger See
6183 Entries Found: Page 1  of  229