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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From France

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The weird face of Flabellina affinis (pink flabellina). (... by E&e Lp
by: E&e Lp
The weird face of Flabellina affinis (pink flabellina). (f/16, 1/80, ISO-100, 33mm, UCL-165 & UCL-67 stacked). - Erik
Cratena peregrina (Hervia). (f/20, 1/160, ISO-100, 42mm, ... by E&e Lp
by: E&e Lp
Cratena peregrina (Hervia). (f/20, 1/160, ISO-100, 42mm, UCL-165 & UCL-67 stacked). - Erik
Le temps des Muses
D'un monde à l'autre
Octopus displaying its beauty in his den
Crab at Nemo’s Science Garden in Noli, Italy
Entre deux monde
like a dream
France / LOT Cavediving
Diver in the Fontaine del Truffe in France. One of my favorite caves in this region.
Cave Diver in France
Cavediver in France
Diver in a Cave in France
This picture is taken in an old mine that was already in use around 1900. It has been closed before world war 1. The mine is clear on the way in, but has zero viz on the way out. Taking pictures is hard, every wrong movement gives a siltout.
European eels (Anguilla anguilla), critically endangered (according to the most recent IUCN assessment)
Diver in the LOT Cave Diving in France
Cave Diver in France
Diver in France Lot / Cave
The image was obtained by placing in situ a plexiglass, handled by an assistant and lighted by a strobe, behind the fish. All was done carefully and lasted a few seconds, to not disturb the animal (Scorpaena notata, Cap Martin, Roquebrune, France),
Diver in a cave in France
Divers in a cave in France
Diver in France in a cave / Lot
Cave divers
Cavernzone of the Cunhac cave in the Lot river. Only a few weeks a year good viz.
Entrance of a cave in the Cele river in France.
A tunnel in the Ressel cave in France at about 300m from the entrance.
The most famous cave in the Lot region in France: Ressel. This time really good viz.
1054 Entries Found: Page 1  of  40

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