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Underwater Photo Contest | Macro - Close-Up

15620 Entries Found: Page 1  of  579
Shots taken of a subject between 3 inches and 1 foot (7.5 to 30cm) in size (e.g. large fish or diver head) that dominates the frame - any background is incidental and occupies LESS THAN 50% of frame
Hermit Crab - Diogenes pugilator
Sea Pony - Hippocampus fuscus
Porcelain crab with eggs
Tiny coral hermit crab
Paguritta vittata
Salarias ceramensis, the Seram blenny or Ceram blenny
Nomad Jellyfish - Rhopilema nomadica
Laced up eye. The Flathead croc fish let me get closer to get this shot of its beautiful eye.
Smiley Eel. I carefully positioned myself in front of this eel and waited patiently until I got the perfect smile.
Hippocampus histrix
Beadlet anemone - Actinia equina
crocodile eyes
Transparent glass shrimp_Feb 2024
Yellow tubastrea cup corals in bloom.
Mother and baby nudibranch in Huahine
Hermissenda emurai
Coral fish_March 2024
(Canon100, 1/200,f10,iso100)
Sea pony - Hippocampus fuscus
Hermissenda emurai
Pregnant Sea pony - Hippocampus fuscus
Sea pony - Hippocampus fuscus
A beautiful Mantis shrimp photographed at " Madonna Rock" dive site near Nha Trang_March 2024
(Canon60, 1/200,f16,iso100)
tongue parasite
Resting bisque face. A spiny lobster resting in a reef in San Salvador, Bahamas. Taken with OM systems TG7.
15620 Entries Found: Page 1  of  579