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by Marchione Giacomo

The blue eyes . Yellow goby in the tunnel

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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Antonio Venturelli

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Another photo of this small creature that roams the rocky terrain of Havelock Is. named Bedford's Flatworm , or Persian rug. It’s beauty is not only in how it looks but also in how it moves. Beautiful evolutions!
Phidiana militaris. These nudis are covered in appendages named cerata which increase surface area for gas exchange and also to display ingested chemicals or for defence. Sophisticated and surprising nature as always!
(Canon100,1/250,f20, iso200)
Microlife on the Andamans reef.Here we see a beautiful Blenny close-up . Abundant and highly biodiverse, these species mature early, produce many offspring and they are a vital food source for other marine creatures.
"Good morning! "seems to say this little goby met at the end of my last dive in the Andamans. I take it as a goodbye and look forward to coming back here very soon_Feb 2023
Cratena nudibranchs, fascinating creatures of Mediterranean sea .This is taken at Formica dive site, in Sicily_August 2022.
(Canon100, 1/250,f18,iso200)
This is small Hermit crab having very pretty colors on its body. It lives between the surface up to 70 meters deep. Its shell is a matter of survival, to protect its soft abdomen. I took this photo in the sea of Goa_2023
I took this photo one second before this Cratena nudibranch disappeared into the sea grass. I often enjoy waiting for them to emerge from some bush to photograph their big orange eyes!
The u/w world becomes ever more fascinating when you dive slowly, look closely & appreciate the little things. Like this red Flabellina on the wreck off Goa. Here there are many tangled on the wreckage lying a few mt deep.
It has to be said there is something rather satisfying about a well framed picture of a nudibranch with the rhinophores in sharp focus! This is Chromodoris trimarginata nudibranch_ photographed in Goa_2023
There might be more than one purple nudibranchs in your area, as we see in this picture. When I photograph them, I use two strobes and macro lens 60 or 100 mm. Otherwise everything will just be blue or green!
That day the visibility was terrible, a meter or less .. at the end of the dive our guide pointed out these two Chromodoris trimarginata ,two white flames that emerge from fog ! Beautiful, colored with their red spots.
Phidiana militaris nudibranch_Wreck dive site_Goa_2022
Persian rug ( Bedford's flatworm) . Elegant , beautiful, .. a masterpiece of ocean_2023
Flabellina of Mediterranean sea_2022
This is a macro detail of an hard coral, taken a few meters deep around Havelock Island, in India. As you can see nature creates real works of art, don't you think? Andamans_2023
Small fish have bright colors and flamboyant shape that attract experienced & novice divers alike. Unless it moves.. it can be difficult to distinguish them from the context around, as seen in this photo! Goa_India_2023
Coral blenny-Havelock Is. -Andamans_2023
Coryphellina exoptata nudibranch_2023
Diploastrea heliopora macro: very common here in the Indian Ocean but always fascinating to see especially if you get close and notice its shapes like colored vanilla puddings_2023
Top view of a coral fish_2023
(Canon 100,1/250,f13,iso125)
Flabellina affinis_2022
The underwater world becomes ever more fascinating when you learn to dive slowly, look closely and appreciate the little things like this beautiful Cratena nudibranch , photographed in the Sicilian sea, in 2022.
(Canon 100, 1/200,f20,iso100)
Bedford's flatworm ,named "Persian carpet"..and you can understand why! Photo taken at Aquarium dive site_Thanks to great support of Barefoot diving staff in Havelock Island-Andamans_2023
The best place to find nudis is in current, as pinnacles or wrecks..or diving with expert n.hunters! For these two I have to thank the friend Aaron of West Coast who, despite the bad vis, made this shot possible_Goa_2023
Deep red color for this Flabellina walking on the algae of the Goa wreck, the only existing wreck here but full of life, especially nudibranchs! Goa _2023
Anemone fishes are immune to anemone's tentacles from day 1. It is a mutually beneficial relationship in which the anemone feeds from the fish dejection while the fish gets shelter from predators_Havelock Is._2023
Mexican barnacle blenny photographed at "El Morro" dive site_ P. Vallarta-Mexico_2021
400 Entries Found: Page 1  of  15