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Underwater Photo Contest | Macro - Super macro

5988 Entries Found: Page 1  of  222
Shots taken (at smaller than 1:1) with multiple extension rings, diopters, or teleconverters of extremely small subjects typically less than 1 inch (2.5 cm)
Andaman gobi fish close up_April 2024
When spotting a whip coral check the surface of the coral if there is a variation in texture. It will probably be a whip coral shrimp as they are perfectly camouflaged with the coral’s colour and polyp structure.Jan_2024
Intense orange for this specimen of Flabellina rubrolineata nudibranch , just over a centimeter long, photographed during diving in the sea of Goa_India_Dec2023
(Canon100, 1/200,f16,iso100)
Bluestriped Fangblenny ( Plagiotremus rhinorhynchos)_April 2024
Who call me?
It’s possible to find juvenile Samla bicolor nudibranch of less than 1cm! They are fast moving and relatively common on many of the dive sites in Andaman sea. (Canon100,1/200,f14,iso100)
Goniobranchus albonares nudibranch_Feb2024 (Canon100,1/200,f16,iso100)
Underwater micro life. A curious gobi leans out of his little hole. Island-Andamans_April 2024
Whip coral fish_April 2024
Super macro with a wet diopter for this specimen of a little coral fish found at ~10 meters deep in the sea of Nha Trang, Vietnam, February 2024.
Phyllidioosis xishaensis. This nudibranch has a white dorsum with four longitudinal black lines interspersed with raised ridges. It is a small Phyllidiid, growing to about 20 mm in length. Andamans_April 2024
Whip coral fish _April 2024
Coral crab _Havelock Island_April 2024
(Canon60,1/200, f6.3,iso100)
Ghost shrimp photographed during shallow diving near Havelock island_Andamans_April2024
(Canon60, 1/200, f9,iso100)
Flabellina rubrolineata_Dec 2023
(Canon100, 1/250,f16,iso100)
A Dennis seahorse in a flowering
Vir philippinensis shrimp on bubble coral
This very young frog fish was about 3mm in length. Difficult shot. Image was taken at Anilao, Philippines
Thorunna daniellae nudibranch_Nha Trang_March 2024
Hypselodoris maculosa_Nha Trang_March 2024
Warty/Yellow Crab - Eriphia verrucosa Eye
Coryphellina exoptata. I took a few to practice with the new wet super macro lens. And then this nudibranch is very photogenic and I really enjoy photographing it_Feb 2024
Chromodoris fidelis_March 2024
(Canon100, 1/200,f14,iso100)
Goniobranchus albonares nudibranch_Feb 2024
(Canon100, 1/200,f16,iso100)
Coryphellina exoptata nudibranch _Feb 2024
(Canon 100,1/200,f14,iso100)
Nudibrach, Anilao, Philippines
Tiny coral fish_Feb 2024
(Canon100, 1/200,f16,iso100)
5988 Entries Found: Page 1  of  222