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by Jeffrey Lim

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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From Ecuador

587 Entries Found: Page 8  of  22
Barracuda School, Galapagos Ecuador
Shark with fishes, Galapagos Ecuador
Turtle in thermocline, Galapagos Ecuador
Blue Jacks on the Dark, Galapagos Ecuador
Sea Lions coming for the photo, Galapagos Ecuador
Pinguin on surface, Galapagos Ecuador
Lovely baby's sea lion
Galapagos's night life
Turtle with corals, Galapagos Ecuador
Great Whale Shark, Galapagos Ecuador
Green Turtle, Islas Galapagos Ecuador
Big Turtle, Galapagos Ecuador
The Arch of Darwin, Galapagos Ecuador
Green Turtle, Galapagos Ecuador
Toc, toc..... oui, qui est là.
Litle Fish, Galapagos Ecuador
Group of Surgeons, Galapagos Ecuador
Petite tortue au aguets
Trumpet fish in the dark
whale Shark Tail, Galapagos Ecuador
- have a break -
Young Sealion on Punta Vicente Roca, Isla Isabela, Galápagos
After playing with my bubbles for a while, it made a break on sandy bottom in a depth of 30 meters. This was the right moment to start a shooting-session.
Eagle Ray infront, Galapagos Ecuador
Iguana Marina catching sunbeams on the terrace of our hotel on the coast of Isla Santa Cruz, Galápagos
- It's their country -
A pair of Iguana Marina in Tortuga Bay, Santa Cruz, Galápagos
Piratas del Aire, Galapagos Ecuador
- close up -
Portrait of an Eagle Ray (Aetobatus ocellatus), Landslide, Wolf Island, Galápagos
Red Wall, Galapagos Ecuador
587 Entries Found: Page 8  of  22

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