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by Jeffrey Lim

Amphipods on a coral flower

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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Allen Walker

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Fired Up!
Simply Black & Blue smile
Taken inside what is left of the stern on the Produce off Aliwal Shoal, South Africa. The Brindle Bass in the back ground is in excess of 300 kgs.
Simple picture with a little something added smile
I love the colors on this one one.
You may recall the Dusky photograph I posted last year looking like this, well this black tip decided she was not going to be out done! wink
HDR taken of fishing vessel off Cape Point, same vessel I did an over under shot of.
Say, whaaaaaat!!
A stunning whale breach! Privileged to be able to capture this sequence.
7 Gill cow shark popping in for a closer look.
WTF!!! What are you???
2 Dusky sharks popping in for a close visit.
Nosing around smile
I do not think there is a category for this photograph, it is just a simple picture showing the natural beauty of Uniform coral. Hope you like it. (Not sure I do :))
Grumpy wink
Dusky sharks close up
So far I think this is one of my best Dusky pic's, enjoy.
The last bit of a very true statement: "we will understand only what we are taught". Educating people about sharks is key to their ongoing survival.
Plain and simple
A pretty cool picture of a black Tip shark turning as soon as the strobes fire.
Dusky taken in about 7 to 8m viz, the green water is due to our paper pulp mills (SAPPI SAICOR) releasing their effluent over the MPA, only in Africa.
Hmmm, close enough? wink
Non Divers doing what Shark Divers do!! (Signals are a dead give away smile ) One way to introduce people to the world we love is educational snorkeling trips.
318 Entries Found: Page 6  of  12