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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Antonio Venturelli

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Diving in Havelock Island, Andamans_2023
So much life, so many colors are hidden in the Mediterranean Sea. This is a specimen of Cratena peregrina nudibranch photographed at La Formica dive site,in 2022.
Coral blenny_Aquarium dive site_Havelock island_2023
Coryphellina rubrolineata,Havelock island_Andamans_India_2023
Chromodoris trimarginata.This dorid nudibranchs have their gills gathered in a tuft at the back of their body like a little bouquet of lungs which they use to breathe. Photo taken at wreck dive site_Goa_2023
Chromodoris naiki nudibranch_Goa_2023
Horned blenny(Parablennius intermedius)
Goa_2023 (Canon100,1/200,f18,iso200)
Intensely colorful Cratena nudibranch_2022
Pair of Chromodoris trimarginata nudibranchs_Goa_2023
My strobes illuminated this Flabellina well, perhaps too much .. but I like the same for the luminescence effect that makes the colors brighter ! Taken in Goa_2023
Phidiana militaris close up at the "wreck" dive site around the Grand Island, Goa_India_2023.Thanks to West Coast Adventures staff, very capable of finding the smallest creatures even in poor visibility.(Canon100,1/250, f20,iso200)
Iconic Cratena nudibranch of Mediterranean Sea_2022
Finally I was able to get a pair of these beautiful nudibranchs with a quite good focus_Flabellina Rubrolineata_Goa_2023
Corals like flowers in the wind_Goa_2023
Cratena nudibranch. These little creatures are tiny splashes of color in the sea. The hard part is getting focus..I usually shot many attempts but I'm happy when I get a nice photo!
There is a diving place here in Goa called "the wreck", an iron barge sunk here in the 50s. Here there are many nudibranchs of this type named "Flabellina rubrolineata" ..very small, about a centimeter or so, but beautiful for their bright colors.
Beauty of Cratena nudibranch_2022
This Flabellina here is about 3 cm. long.. I like to shot them because of its bright purple which stands out in the blue despite its small size_La Formica dive site_Sicily_2022
Nudibranch photographed at Goa_2022
Phidiana militaris nudibranch_Goa_2022
Magnificent Cratena nudibranch_2022
Cratena macro shot taken with strobes and high shutter speed to darken ambient light (the background) as much as possible_2022
Kleptopredator Cratena_2022
Beautiful formations of submerged caves
in the Yucatan peninsula of Mexico_2021
Flabellina affinis. Possible to see the egg sacs,ready to hatch nudi larvae_Photo taken at La Formica dive site _October 2022
In the Mediterranean, when you see a white & orange spot, only three-four centimeters long,.. it is definitely a Cratena!Photo taken at "La Formica" dive site, in Sicily_October2022
Close-up of Mediterranean moray_2021
576 Entries Found: Page 9  of  22