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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Ricardo Guzman

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Spider Crab hanging out at night.
Night dive at Escambrón. This little guy came right at us.
Taken with stock Casio Exilim, no strobes. As simple as it gets.
Red Hind.
Soft coral and silhouette.
Spider Crab at The Aquarium, Desecheo.
Conger at El Natural, Aguadilla.
Purple tipped anemone close-up.
Sharp smile. The Star at La Parguera, PR.
Purple tip anemone. The Star dive site at La Parguera.
Christmas trees at The Star dive site in La Parguera.
Curious Green Eel with battle scars at Two For You dive site in La Parguera.
Shrimp and urchin at night.
Banded Tube-Dwelling Anemone.
Scorpion at night dive.
Caribbean Squid cruising by. Night dive at Escambrón.
Christmas Tree at Sail Rock.
Ocellote crab at Escambrón night dive.
Baby lobster at Escambrón night dive.
Common Octopus at Escambrón night dive.
Scorpion fish at night, Escambrón.
Lazy Parrot dozing off during Escambrón night dive.
Ocean Surgeonfish close-up during night dive at Escambrón.
Coral covered stern of the WIT Shoal II.
Banded Butterfly at the WIT Shoal II.
Baby nurse.
Staghorn coral
51 Entries Found: Page 1  of  2