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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Gregory Grant

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fresh water bass in old quarry.
fish food , nikon d2x with fisheye, no strobe
close up of freshwater crab at 10 metres , d2 x in subal housing,105mm micro lens and twin strobe.
teaming tadpoles, d2x ,twin strobes and 105mm lens.freshwater pond in south africa
pelican feeding at dusk
flamingo feeding in river mouth.
sinister looking riverbank in a slow flowing stream
these tadpoles were all tightly grouped in a small area under a sunken tree,always hard to find macro subjects in freshwater.
close up of a freshwater crab
a young mermaid............
mud monster/freshwater crab
beneath the weeds
"bitten off more than it could chew"this bass had another adult bass in its mouth as it swam past me,it was to big to swallow and eventually spat it out descaled
another big bad fresh water bass in south africa
freshwater bass ,lying in ambush.south africa
another fresh water bass ,they seem to hide in structure and us a ambush attack statergy when feeding.
freshwater forest.

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
Wierd subject, strange crop - well worth a look!
freshwater large mouth bass in southb african waters.
sharptooth catfish in freshwater , southafrica
freshwater bass ,photo taken in a old flooded quary in south africa
home in a barrell,lion fish was suspevded in this barrell sponge3.
f100 and 105mm
fresh water bass in south africa.
ghost pipe fish.
toxic sea urchin /f100 and 105mm.
two frog fish,one large one both?
144 Entries Found: Page 1  of  6