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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Rene B. Andersen

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Grete Hemsoth wreck laying in the Baltic Sea near Denmark.
Here you see the Helm with Compass.
See more in the book:
Legends Beneath the Waves: Scandinavia.
Dansk vrag dykning, Skibsvrag, Østersøen.
The bow of the wreck Margarethe Cords laying in the Baltic sea near Bornholm, Denmark.
See more in the book:
Legends Beneath the Waves: Scandinavia
Dansk vrag dykning, Skibsvrag, Østersøen.
It is from the German lake kreidesee on 55m depth.
D/S Sao Paulo.It was a cargo ship for the Nazi invasion of Norway in 1940. on the picture is a german helmet and mauser riffle and in the background a old Opel staff car.
See more in the book:
Legends Beneath the Waves: Scandinavia
The schooner Balder from 1928. went down in a storm and is now laying on 60m depth in the Baltic sea, near Åland.
See more in the book:
Legends Beneath the Waves: Scandinavia
U89 WW1 submarine that which was rammed by the HMS Roxburgh amidships and cut it in two.
It is now laying on 62m in Malin Head, Ireland.
Old paddle steamer build in 1836, went down in 1856 so the wreck is 164 year old. You need permission to dive the wreck and I was lucky to get it this year.
HMS Defence from 1916 WW1. Battle of Jutland with the dive ship Cdt. Fourcault.
This is the 9,2" twin turret.
Fortunal wreck laying in Croatia near the Vis island on 50 meter.
Unknown wreck laying on 75m in the Baltic sea.
Nelly wreck sank in 1927 and is now laying on 65m depth in the Baltic sea.
Picture is of the bridge and sadly the wheel is stolen.
Sherman tanks from the WW2 wreck SS Empire Heritage in Malin Head Ireland.
Depth is 63meter.
Unknow wreck layin on 85m in the Baltic sea
SS Empire Heritage WW2 wreck laying on 65meter depth in Malin Head, Ireland
D/S Sao Paulo. This is the European version of Thistlegorm. But in it´s almost original condition as nothing is touched due to its still "unknown" position.
It was a cargo ship for the Nazi invasion of Norway in 1940. It is full of war material a...
Vis wreck laying on 60m
D/S Sao Paulo supply ship for the invasion of Norway, sank in 1940 few hours after the invasion.
Hindenburg was a German icebreaker in the Baltic sea, she hit a mine in 1918 and sank and in this case you can say that time stood still.
The Wreck Helge laying on 50 meter depth in Åland, Finland.
You can see the wheel in the background.
It is a wooden ship laying in fresh water so it is preserved.
Parat WW2 wreck in Norway, laying on 60m depth.
Oldenburg WW2 wreck, but was a german Raider ship in WW1 where she captured and sanked 42 ships.
The picture is taken on 75meter depth.
Konsul Carl Fisser WW2 wreck in Ålesund, Norway.
The wreck is laying from 20-60meter depth.
Old paddle steamer, went down in 1882 so the wreck is 135 year old.
Macro shot of a shrimp where the eye is in focus.
KNM Uller was a flat-iron gunboat built in 1876. She was later rebuilt as a minelayer and captured by the Germans when they invaded Norway on April 9, 1940 and sunk by British airforce.
Physophora hydrostatica is known as a deep-sea Jellyfish
Mosel WW2 wreck laying on 60meter depht in Norway.
84 Entries Found: Page 1  of  4