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Underwater Photo Contest | Macro - Nudibranchia

7768 Entries Found: Page 1  of  288
Sea slugs. A subject popular with macro guys! (means naked gills) Flatworms allowed
nudibranch taken in Los Arcos_Puerto Vallarta_ 2022
(Canon 100mm,t1/250, f/20,iso160)
This is a photo of couple nudibranchs, probably after mating or about to do so. Taken in Anilao, Batangas, Philippines.
Cratena peregrina
Puerto de Mazarrón Murcia Spain
Doto ussi
First UW photo entry ever. Nudibranchs are my favorite macro subjects I found this guy drifting in the water column.
This is a photo of a nudibranch (Doriprismatica Atromarginata) taken during the 2021 Anilao Photo Shootout. I'm surprised, this nudi have 3 rhinopores.
Doriprismatica sedna_Puerto Vallarta_2022
(Canon 100mm,t1/250,f/20,iso 160)
Light My Path [Phyllosdesmium rudmani]
This is a photo of a chromodoris willani, sitting on top of a rock or a hard coral. A soft current blows from the east, giving her crown a gentle flow.
Grabbing a bite
Diosas de puntas rojas_Puerto Vallarta_2021
(Canon100mm,t1/200,f/14,iso 125)
Chromodoris kuniei,
Anilao, Philippines
Candylicious (Phyllodesmium karenae)
"glossodoris acosti" portrait
Fish having his lunch
Mediterranean sea_2021
(Canon 100mm, t1/200,f/20,iso200)
Noumeaella sp.5
"tambja tentaculata"
Red-lined flabellina - Coryphellina rubrolineata
Flabellina sp.3
Spanish dancer "hexabranchus sanguineus"
Santa’s pet nudi (Merry X’mas everyone)
Yellow janolus
"goniobranchus coi"
Limenandra barnosi
Shot taken in Anilao, Philippines
"goniobranchus kuniei"
7768 Entries Found: Page 1  of  288