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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

198 Entries Found: Page 4  of  8
Cryptic Crab ?? D300-60mm w/SubSee
Seaweed Blenny, Kingstown, St. Vincent.
Arrow crab using a Subsee adapter and 60mm lens for a tight head shot with no crop.
Fireworm ......D300-60mm
Spotted crab living in shell with a hermit crab... D300-60mm
Black coral shrimp. (If you look carefully it's actually a pair of Black Coral shrimps).
Arrow Crab, face shot. D300-60mm
Dark froggie on red sponge...D300-60mm
Diver and soft coral
Another NIB in St. Vincent, looks like it's part of the fire worm family. D300-60mm
"NIB" ..not in the book. Very tiny crab or shrimp, not identified. D300-60mm, Subsee Adaptor
Pederson Shrimp with eggs. D300-60mm, Subsee adaptor
Long Snout Seahorse, D300-60mm
I was playing with strobe lighting for effect when some friends passed by to add some action.
Diver, under the pier.
DX1G with wide angle lens, YS110a / YS25 strobe.
vase spong and friends
Diver under the pier
Yellow Head Jaw Fish with eggs.
Sea and Sea DX1G / Stacked diopters / YS25 & YS100 strobes
Peppermint Shrimp
Unusual to find one of these guys out exposed on a wall during daylight. His white spot pattern is what caught my attention. Sooo cool!
I liked the way the Arrow Arab was nestled down in the womb of the sponge. many sponges and corals...
Thought it was unusual to find this guy in the sponge.
Color and texture....
Japanese Gardens, St. Vincent.
198 Entries Found: Page 4  of  8

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