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Underwater Photo Contest | Wide Angle - Marine Life

18339 Entries Found: Page 1  of  680
wide angle shots with no divers in frame
The Hunter and the Hunted
Tomato Rock Cod hunting small fish. It is also known to participate in cooperative hunting
glas fish
Hammer Time
Fish Tornado
You never know what will be hiding in a Barrel Sponge!
Rocket Man
Sperm Whale playtime (taken under permit)
Amazing underwater world of Raja Ampat
Green Sea Turtle - Chelonia Mydas
Ghost Shark
Taken December 2021 didn’t notice shrimp til after the dive.
the snorkeler (taken under government issued permit)
jelly fish, nikon D800E, two ikelite strobe Ds125, aquatic housing, tokina lens 10-17mm at 10mm
This is a photo of a Pederson Cleaner Shrimp reaching out to grab ahold of fingertips. Pederson Shrimp are very small and translucent, which can make them difficult to find. They live along with anemones and have blue spots and stripes on their body.
Inshore Bottlenose Dolphins
The Look-Outs
Neptune Grass - Posidonia oceanica
Scorched Black
Pictures taken on a sunny day in august 2020 in Elduvík. In my minde, the titel is obvious.
Nikon d810, Nauticam housing, 15mm, f9, 1/160 sek, isp-500
Turtle Kingdom
Friendly turtle was posing for me to take his photo in the Galapagos.
School of blotcheye soldierfish (Myripristis berndti)
Living in cages tall and cold
Pinnate Batfish - Platax pinnatus (juvenile)
Chaloklum Pier, Thailand
turtle portrait in sunburst wideangleshot
"You Shall Not Pass..." Flame Box Crab @ Bonaire, NA
The Sardine Run, South Africa - Wild Coast - A must do experience!
18339 Entries Found: Page 1  of  680