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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From Philippines

12116 Entries Found: Page 441  of  449
'CROWN' Part of the life cycle...unfortunately in some instances for some reefs. Noused Nikon F; 55mm auto-micro Nikkor lens. Enjoy!
Porcelain crab
taken with patima 350d housing. Basura night dive in Anilao philippines. Close up shot of ornate ghost pipefish
Who's being nosey the Western Clownfish or me
This picture was taken at Puerto Prisesa, Palawan. It was taken once i stepped on the island as i saw the boat. It was just a random picture that made me amazed.
My first UW Photo - Scorpion Fish - Taken at Twin Rocks dive site in Anilao Batangas. Camera Used: Canon Powershot A620, no strobe - 102206
waiting for the boat,donsol, D200,ikelite housing
'SOFT CORAL STUDY' Close up and personal with soft coral polyps. Balicasag Island, PI. Housed Nikon F; 55mm auto-micro Nikkor Lens, Enjoy!
nudibranch,shot in anilao, D200,ikelite housing
Red shrimp taken with patima 350d housing, 100mm macro lens. Basura anilao philippines.
mushroom coral,anilao, D200,ikelite housing and strobes.
sunset at anilao,philippines
feather star,anilao, d200,ikelite housing,ikelite strobes.
anemone fish,puerto galera, D200,ikelite housing.
Greenie... nudi in Malapascua...
a very funky looking nudibranch,shot in puerto galera, D200,ikelite housing
Harlequin crab hanging out in his tube anenome... e900
I expect this one will get LOADS of votes so I've emptied my Inbox in anticipation (better?). Green slug thing... focus on the back cos the colurs are amazing..
hawkfish taken in puerto galera,philippines with nikon D200,ikelite housing,ikelite strobes
This is a juvenile red-lipped fingered dragonet from the Philippines. Although I don't expect too many votes for this one as he is not very colourful at 450 pixels.. I urge you fish lovers to have a quick zoom and look at the patterning on his face..
two nudibranchs making out in puerto galera,philippines
eye to eye with a....flatworm
taken with my Sea&Sea camera and then scanned witj a Minotla Dimage scanner
'PHYLLIDIA' Munching its favourite food. Housed Nikon F; 55mm auto-micro Nikkor lens. Enjoy!
Zebra crab on fire urchin... very cute little guy !!
frog end monica ,Nikon F100 16mm f 2.8
he seemed to be doing a jig.taken in anilao, D200,ikelite housing.
12116 Entries Found: Page 441  of  449

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