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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From The Atlantic (European coastal)

1251 Entries Found: Page 42  of  47
This is a very friendly big grouper called Felix by the local divers from Lanzarote. I've added a special effect with a long shutter time. Hope you enjoy it. More on my web
Fishing huts on the West Coast of France.
Room with a view.
Olympus c-7070 and Ys strob.
Octopus Vulgaris.
C-7070 and Ys-60 strob
Waiting for the tide before they can fish again. La Rochelle West coast France.
Harmony. Taken with Canon PowerShot A540.
Serranus cabrilla.
Olympus c-7070 and YS-60
Girl Chases Boy
Serranus cabrilla with parasites.
olympus c-7070and YS-strob
Cuttlefish eating a sand eel, Hope Cove, Devon. Taken using Nikon D100 & 60mm lens
John Dory under Swanage Pier, October 2008. Taken with Nikon D100 & 60mm lens.
Artificial reef- break-water.

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
a bit of a nothing shot but a good wide-angle abstract
Tompot Blenny under Swanage pier in October 2008. Taken using Nikon D100 & 6omm lens
Cuckoo Wrasse taken on Mew Stone Ledges, Plymouth, England. Using a Nikon D100 & 60mm lens.
Sarpa Salpa.
Olympus c-7070 and YS-60 strob
"Come with us!"
Little school of Diplodus vulgaris.
Tompot blenny under Swanage pier, October 2008. Taken with Nikon D100 & 60mm lens.
Flabellina babai.
Olympus C-7070 and Ys-60 strob
John Dory seen under Swanage pier, October 2008. Nikon D100 and 60mm lens
Isolated green.
octopus vulgaris.
C-7070 and Ys-60 strob
Delphinus Delphis. C-7070.
Texture of a sea urchin skeleton.

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
nice abstract Helena
Crab on gthe prowl
Hypselodoris cantabrica. c-7070 and Ys-60 strob
Octopus vulgaris.Madeira Island. Photographed with internal flash in very shallow water.
Labrus Mixtus. c-7070 and Ys-60 strob
1251 Entries Found: Page 42  of  47

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