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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From United States

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Silky Shark encounter off Jupiter Fl during a drift dive in deep water.
Cave diver passing through the keyhole rock formation in Ginnie Springs. Nikonos V, twin SB105 strobes, 15mm lens, 100ASA film on manual exposure. Colour corrected in PS.
"Grazing Turtle" part of my Underwater Surrealism body of work. This image is referring to how sea turtles act as a grazing animal in our oceans and help maintain the health of sea grass beds.
Eye of the Octopus. This is a Red Octopus I found at Rendono, Puget Sound, Washington State
Juv. Cowfish
Juvenile Spotted Drum
Batfish taken at Blue Heron Bridge
"The Viper Pot"
Cute couple
Nudi from "under the Bridge"
Look at me
Batfish at Blue Heron Bridge
A lone Garibaldi hanging around the canopy of the Southern Californian giant Kelp forest.
Meet Casper!
When the kelp is gone/ California’s temperate waters change drastically throughout the year. During the summer these rocky reefs are desolate due to warm water. However in the winter these same rock walls are full of life with towering kelp forests.
Ship wrecked in Red. pool with Ballet Dancers
Giant Kelpfish blending in with the seagrass. Photo captured in Southern California.
Casper's Window - Casper, a 3m American alligator, passing over my head.
Red Octopus off Maury Island
This Dorid nudibranch (Hypselodoris ghiselini) is a common, but always beautiful site in Southern California.
I happened to catch this diver and lone silky shark with the backdrop of the sunball at just the right time.
Red Octopus in Puget Sound
Usually sandbar sharks are extremely elusive as they are shy, however, on this particular dive, the sandbars were coming in HOT! This female came right up on my dome along with her entourage.
This large female tiger shark was coming right up to my dome port in this image and I was fortunate enough to capture her with a beautiful sun ball in the background.
This beautiful female tiger shark is pretty much a celebrity at Tiger Beach in the Bahamas. She loves the paparazzi and our dome ports!
7171 Entries Found: Page 11  of  266

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