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Underwater Photo Contest | Sharks

3734 Entries Found: Page 1  of  139
Shots where sharks are the predominant subject. Sponsored by Stuart Cove's
While on a freedive over a popular reef in Hawaii, a few Galapagos sharks came to investigate. This one passed right below, which allowed me to get this top down profile shot.
A split image showing both the underwater world, and majestic landscape of French Polynesia
caribean reef sharks,nikon D800E, tokina lens 10.17mm,two ikelite strobe DS125,aquatica housing.
"Deep Blue"
"Last Light"
Silvertip Shark
"Silky Sunset"
nikon D800,tokina lens 10/17mm at 10mm, two ikelite strobe DS125, aquatica housing.
A Caribbean Reef Shark. Photo created with a Nikon D90 and Ikelite enclosure.
Carribean Reef Shark followed by a school of Jacks off Long Cay Reef, Belize.
• • dichotomy • • 
This photo kind of represents all of my emotions right now… up, down, going in circles, being close but not connecting, big, small, dark, light, and even a little blue.
Shark, Whale - Rhincodon typus
"Tricky Trio"
Bull shark glides through the shadows.
Lemon shark feeding
Very close pass of a male grey nurse shark at Julian Rocks, Byron Bay
Shark, Zebra - Stegostoma fasciatum
Got awesome reflections in this shot that just shows off their beauty and design!
Blacktip shark breaking through the surface back into the water after trying to grad a sardine.
Winner Monthly HotShots shortlistedShortlisted!
While diving in Raja Ampat, I had hoped to spot a wobbegong, specifically, one resting on top of coral where it would strongly contrast against it's surroundings. I took over a dozen shots of this ideal subject before moving on
Great White at Guadalupe Island
Lemon shark Jupiter, FL
My what big teeth you have.
Beautiful tiger shark fly-by in the Bahamas.
Lemon shark coming in to inspect me. Shot in Jupiter, FL with a Canon 1DX MKIII, Nauticam Housing, and Ikelite strobes.
Tigershark (Galeocerdo cuvier), Tiger Beach, Bahamas
Tiger sharks coming and going.
3734 Entries Found: Page 1  of  139