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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From Costa Rica

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Balloomfish, North Pacific, Costa Rica
Blenny, Isla del Caño, Costa Rica
Clown Shrimp feeding on a Star Fish
Octopus trying to sleep, but we woke him up! Check out his one eye that's open.
harlekin schrimp. costa rica at tortuga(key largo) taken with a canon G7 powerschot
Marble ray
blue jacks hunting togehter with white tip reef sharks
Above or Under ??? Whitetips reef sharks hunting at night at Manuelita coral reef.
Taken at Cocos island at the Channel of Manuelita. A beautiful rare dnace of eagle rays during their mating season.

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
Ah, they're holding hands. Neat double take
Golden silk spider hangs out near marshes. Their web is strong enough to hold a flying fish were it to jump into it.
An Eagle Ray takes flight. Nikon D2x, 15mm.
Juvenile Whale Shark, Cocos Island (Nikon F4, 24mm/2.0, Aquatica housing, Ikelite strobes, Provia 100)
The hammerheads of Cocos Island, Costa Rica.
A stonefish in Cocos Island, Costa Rica.
You have to be very fast to nail these Devil Rays.
They Jump out of the water, make some somersault’s and splash back into the water.
It’s a real spectacle to see.
This shot this one at Catalina Islands Costa Rica
I used my D2X with a 400 lens.

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
A tough one to get, especially with digital shutter lag!
clownshrimp D100 and a light and motion housing
2 clown schrimp enjoying a starfish, we were lucky to pass by at their lunch break.
D100 and light and motion housing
Two Blennies checking me out.
It took me a while to take this one.
There was too much current and surge.
I was very happy with the result.
My first real clear Blenny photo in focus.
Flounder peeking from under the sandy rocks, taken with a D100
slug with D100 and light and motion housing
During the safety stop after a dive in Cano Island, picture taken from above
Surfer inTamarindo
Catalina island
Scorpion Fish
Martin tickeling a manta on it's belly
Bat island Costa rica Bullshark
191 Entries Found: Page 7  of  8

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