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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From The Indian Ocean

6540 Entries Found: Page 241  of  243
juvenile saltwater crocodile
loving life in his own little stream
canon 20D
Great White, taken off Dyer Island from top deck of shark diving boat using Konica Minolta Dynax 7D + Sigma 18-200 DC Lens. Later got close up video inside shark's mouth!
School of Bullseye, Ningaloo Reef
hold on!!!
Literally bumped into this guy whilst floating around on the ocean, he took off and I remembered to take a photo!! Ningaloo Reef
Clarks clownfish taken exmouth
western australia
canon eos 5 fuji velvia
ikelite housing and strobes
Frogfish, Ningaloo Reef. Only a mother could love this face!
lionfish exmouth love the colour in the fins in this one canon eos 5 velvia film
ikelite housing and strobes.
young emperor
Tiger shark and free diver dance around each other near Durban South Africa
Too windy to get the dinghy out, but great for a windsurf! Photo finished with neon glow filter in p/shop. Ningaloo Reef
Underwater videographer Mike Wood keeping an eye out for sharks coming in from behind, Nikon D100, 16mm lens
Seals Abrohlos islands western australia taken canon20D wide angle
very friendly pair swam with them for a few hours
Romance was in the air at sunset on Embudu....not a photomontage.
an inquisitive pod of dolphins checks us out.feediving. Nikon F100 and 16 mm lens. no strobes.
Clarkes Anemone Fish, Ningaloo Reef
chokka or squid in a mating dance in Port Elizabeth South Africa taken with a Nikon f100 and a 20 mm lens
Exmouth lighthouse western australia
taken bronica medium format 6x7
fuji velvia 50 wide angle @ sunset
coming back from a pm dive
This Zambezi shark was clearly irritated by the presence of the juvenile Kingfish on his lip, but was unable to shake him. Canon 350D, 28mm lens, no flash
BlackTip Shark, Pinnacles, Ponta Mamoli, taken with Canon 350D in SeaCam housing, 28 mm lens, no flash
This image of two Zambezi (Bull) Sharks was taken at around 15m while freediving on the Pinnacles off Ponta Mamoli, southern Mozambique, with a Nikon D100 in a Sea and Sea Housing, natural light.
curious angelfish, South Male atoll, Maldives
Large Grey reef Maldives
I think is one of my favorite shots... Christmas tree coral in South Male atoll, Maldives
Small Lion fish on a reef next to the Kuda Giri wreck, Maldives
6540 Entries Found: Page 241  of  243

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