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Week 26 winner

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by Glenn Ian Villanueva

This is a photo of a fish in a jellyfish, hiding from predators. Taken in Anilao, Philippines during one of our blackwater di

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by Penn De Los Santos

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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From The Bali Sea

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One of the cutest Bargibanti Pygmy Seahorses I have ever seen! I just love these fragile but wonderful creatures <3
My love for Manta Rays is endless. Especially this day I'll never forget. Diving in shallow water with 7 Mobula alfredi feeding and circling us for about 60 minutes. Graceful and amazing animals <3
Manta Rays are by far my favourite animal, so this was a very special and personal moment with this beauty <3
The Harlequin Shrimp is my favourite crustacean so far <3
They are just amazing animals and if you spend some time with them they seem to warm up and let you be part of their world - just amazing.
How different species under water cooperate always leaves me stunned when I see them working together. Helping each other can be so beautiful <3
Hippocampus denise. Just at Alam Batu Housereef
Everyone loves clownfish <3 I was able to spent nearly 10 minutes with these curious guys until I finally managed to get the picture I wanted smile
master of the camuflage
After a few weeks in an area with a lot of sea turtles I learned how to approach these gentle animals. I was able to interact with them and also figure out when to get close for a picture and when not - this was my most meaningful encounter <3
This Ornate Ghost Pipefish fooled me with it's perfect camouflage. While looking for Barbibanti Pygmi Seahorses in the same sea fan it took me quite a while to see it. Lovely creatures.
Hypselodoris Kanga couple, at Puri Jati, on the Northern coast of Bali.
small gobi on a seafeather
Winner Monthly HotShots shortlistedShortlisted!
Juvenile Ghost Pipe fish
Calm in the depths
Golden seahorse
Here's looking at you, kid
Bump-Head Sunfish - Mola alexandrini
Gilli Mimpang, Bali, Indonesia
Dave's not here ...
Spiny Waspfish - Ablabys macracanthu
Bali, Indonesia
Eggs feeder
Eye eye ... !
Peacock Mantis Shrimp - Odontodactylus scyllarus
Bali, Indonisia
The nudibranch, which is kind of an underwater snail, cannot be compared to their land-based counterparts in any way, due to colours and the way they look, from very very small, to pretty big. So far, about 3000 species of nudibranch are known.
Camel Shrimp/Dancing Shrimp/Hingebeak Prawn. Just a little closer and it will give you a manicure for free.
This honeycomb moray eel (Muraena melanotis) was being cleaned at a cleaning station in Bali. I used a snoot to light the right side of the face, giving depth to the image, while my left strobe was on min power to get just the littlest of fill light.
Purple outlines sea horse
I could do with a bit of this just now ...
Bump-Head Sunfish - Mola alexandrini
Gilli Mimpang, Bali, Indonesia
Final RoundThrough to 2018 awards final round judging
My new dress
5183 Entries Found: Page 28  of  192

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